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what is the growth pod

What is it?

This is a place to go to grow your business and generate consistent sales. Each pod is run by local expert and supported by the local business community, all tailored to support  your real business needs. Everything in one place available 24/7.

My Growth Pod community

How does it work?

It’s simple. Join your local Growth Pod. Each region has its’ own online members area where you can access your business tools, growth plans, small support group, eLearning, events, and expert support. All in one place.

My growth pod - get involved

How do I get involved?

You start by completing an easy online application including a simple Business Health Check to gauge where you are at. Once we understand this, you’ll get platform access to the support your business needs.

What Does My Growth Pod Offer?

Growth Pod Platform

Online Support Platform

 This is your FREE local Growth Pod access getting you connected to the right people

Business support for everyone

Join a community of business owners and get support from experts and like-minded people able to help you on any topic.

See What's Included Here

  • Invitation to our monthly online networking group.

  • Invitation to free member webinars/events.

  • Access to your local chat forum. Stay up to date with your locality.

  • The local business directory. Message anyone in the directory personally.

  • Access to all key  connections locally.

  • Ask the expert quick questions.

  • An option to upgrade to our eLibrary of webinars workshops and resources so you can upskill and grow.

Growth Action Plan

Bespoke Growth Plans

Personalised growth and action plan for your specific business. Just take action

Fast track your business growth

An online plan tailored for your business. Follow it and build strength and growth in your business for the long term.

How Does It Work?

  • Complete a simple Health Check Questionnaire based on your industry and size

  • Receive an online personalised Growth Action Plan. All you have to do is take action to grow

  • This includes indepth training, videos, cheatsheets, scripts and workbooks to help you get it right.

  • We have a growth plan for everyone whether you are a pre-start, start-up, or SME.

  • We cover strategy, sales & marketing, finance and funding, websites & eCommerce, operations, HR and recruitment and technology

My Growth Pod Support

Your Growth Pod Team

Expert led, weekly mastermind growth strategy sessions for your local pod

Be part of a team of business owners

Work with like-minded ambitious people who are serious about building a business that creates impact. Grow togther.

How Does The Pod Work?

  •  As an upgrade to your membership, you have an opportunity to join a Pod. This is a group of up to 25 Podders (Business Owners from your locality) who are there to support you and solve the pod’s business challenges collectively.

  • Tackle a different theme each week.

  • Build tangible marketing collateral to help you close more sales.

  • Full access to wider locality directory.

  • Your Growth Action Plan access is included.

  • Full access to the eLibrary of workshops/webinars and resources included.

  • 2 one2one private mentoring sessions over the year with your Growth Pod Manager.

  • Access to specialist online training to fast track your businesses growth.

  • Access to experts to work on specific challenges that your pod cannot solve.

  • The ability to visit other Growth Pods (once per year per pod.

Upcoming Events

Oct 03
Business Networking In Richmond – October 2023
Pitcher and Piano - 11 Bridge Street, Richmond, TW9 1TQ
Oct 25
Finance, Funding and Planning
Richmond Information and Reference Library - Whittaker Avenue, Richmond, TW9 1TP


How does My Growth Pod work in detail?

How do I get involved?

  • You start by completing a simple and easy online application.
  • This includes a simple Business health check to gauge your business’s level.
  • Next you will receive an induction session with your local Growth Pod Manager to understand your business challenges and ensure that you will be linked with the most fitting pod in your area.

From there, there are two possible routes.

Level 1:  If your business is still in the pre-start or start-up phase:

Your Growth Pod Manager will invite you to join our specialist Fast Track Start Up Accelerator. This is an intensive online and in person accelerator that will ensure you have built a solid foundation for your business across set up, marketing, sales, finance, funding, operations, HR and everything else you need. You also will partake in your local Startup Pod where you will meet with and work with other business owners at a similar stage to you.

You will also have full automatic access to the growth pod online community for your locality.

This includes:

  • The start-up/micro business Growth Action Plans (Industry specific)
  • A bi-monthly meetup with your startup Growth Pod to discuss and solve your challenges
  • The local business directory
  • Access to the local connections you need - council, chambers, industry leaders, co-working spaces etc.
  • Ask the expert quick questions.
  • An eLibrary of business webinars.
  • Invitation to our monthly online networking group and other member webinars/events.
  • Local chat forum.

Once you have completed the start up accelerator you will graduate to stage two and will be invited to join the most appropriate Scale Up Growth Pod in your locality.

Level 2: Once your busines is ready you will be invited to your local growth Pod.

Here you get access to all of the above. plus:

  • Weekly Growth Pod sessions with your local Growth Pod members (we have a different weekly theme) (Max 25 per group).
  • Two one2one private mentor sessions over the year where you work on your business with your Growth Pod Manager/Group leader.
  • Full directory access across the entire growth pod community.
  • Access to specialist online training courses for scale up businesses.
  • Access to experts to work on specific challenges.
  • Ability to visit other Growth Pods (once per year per pod).

Why is My Growth Pod set up this way?

We've been doing business support programmes for over 15 years and have realised that the two biggest challenges for business owners are:

1: Lack of consistent sales

2: Feeling alone and unsure what to do.

It doesn't matter at what stage, you probably see yourself in this.

My growth Pod is set up to deal with these two issues first. It is also there to bring people up to speed on running a business. Our experience is people are very good at their product/service, however have less knowledge when if comes to running a business. It doesn't have to be complicated or hard. Our elearning library and Fast Track courses are built to deal with those challenges. Once you have a better idea of how to run your business, it becomes far easier, less stressful and you'll feel in more control of it all.

Can I contact people in the directory?

Yes you can. There is a complete messaging system where you can contact people directly. Our system will email the person you contacted to let them know they have a message.

You will have access to everyone in your local area. If you want a wider area that is possible for a small fee.

What kinds of things can I post/see in the forum?

This is a business forum. So you can post what is happening in your business, good news stories etc.

You can also ask for help, post your job or projects that you need help on.

You can start a conversation on a business related topic. You can also include photos and videos.

As an added bonus, you can link your facebook page to your account and then anything you post on the forum will also go up on facebook automatically. Just a little extra added bonus!

What training/webinars are available in your eLibrary?

We have a full suite of webinars and workshops that you can utilise. We also have programmes for start up business, retail, food and a fast track programme for bigger businesses that want to scale.

You can see an example of what is available on our eLibrary by clicking here. Please note we add to this collection on a regular basis.

If you want to know more about our more in-depth programmes please scroll up to the mail menu and click on the products tab and then chose the programme that interest.

What are the benefits to joining a local Growth Pod?

The benefits are many. To help you we'll list a few here, though there are many more.

  • Feel like you are part of a team and not trying to handle everything on your own.
  • A simple straight forward way to set up your business so that it works.
  • Learn a system that allows you consistently and easily generate business and sales.
  • Saves you months of time and stress trying to figure it out for yourself.
  • Real continuous in person support for your business.
  • An easy to use platform with all the tools and connection you need in one place.
  • Access to all the real experts you need to grow quickly.
  • Fast track your businesses growth, success and revenue.
  • Allows you to be part of a team and grow your business more quickly and with better results than facing it all alone.
  • Provides you with the connections you need immediately saving you time.
  • Access to a personalised Growth action plan specific to you. It takes the guesswork out of running a business.
  • Immediate access to the local business network allowing you to reach more clients.
  • Become a trusted business name in your locality giving you more credibility.
  • The fastest way to grow a sustainable business giving you’re the lifestyle you want.


Can I get access to a larger geographical area?

Yes you can for a small monthly fee. We are adding more regions every month so if we haven't got your's check back regularly. You can see the basic pricing we have here.

How many Pods could be in my area?

There could be an unlimited number of Pods. It really depends on your region and the business population. If you are in a more rural area your region will be bigger so that you have the same access as someone in say London. Remember, each pod can have up to 25 members so in a population area of 50,000 businesses there is potential for lots of pods.

What if I don’t like my pod leader/pod members?

If you are not enjoying your pod then please contact your Growth Pod Manager who will be able to swap you to a different pod.

What does it cost?

A lot of our services are free. However, depending on your business size and the services you want the pricing will be different. Very much like a plug and play type of system. To make it as easy as possible for you, we have a comparison chart that you can access here.

Do you offer any guarantees?

Yes we do have a guarantee for every service that we offer.

The eLibrary membership has a 24 hour free trial.

The Growth Plan Membership has a 48 hour free trial.

All of our online training programmes have a 7 day guarantee.

The Growth Pod Membership has a full 14 day free trial guarantee.

We do not charge your card until your trial ends. 

Why do I have to be a Pod member for at least 12 months?

Your local Growth Pod is about learning and growing together. It is important for each pod that there is stability and you get to know your pod members. That takes time and group participation.

We also have a number of steps for you to take with your business. For instance a completely new start up would not join a pod immediately. We want you to get the foundations of your business right first, which is why we have the StartUp Accelerator.  It takes time to go through this stage. Then once ready you will be invited to join your most suitable Pod.

Further, we have themes for each pod meeting which change over the year. Therefore, if you are only in the pod for a short period of time, then you lose the benefit of learning about the other themes.

Growing a business is a long term plan. It takes time to get it right. It takes time for you to build up your skills. It takes time to build up the right connections. A year is a good starting point, though we do expect that you will be so delighted with My Growth Pod that you'll be happy to stay with us much longer than that!




Do I have to join a local pod? Can I just have platform access?

You do not have to join a local pod, even though that's where people often get the best results. If you prefer to just have platform access that's fine. To help you decide here is our pricing comparison table.

How is this different to normal business support that is free?

There are lots of very good business support programmes out there. We would like to stress that they are not actually free. They are paid for by either the government, local council or large corporation. They pay for you.

While there can be great benefit from them (and we recommend you participate in everything you can) we find that they tend to be very generic and very much geared towards light touch support, rather than in-depth one to tone personal support.

The very in-depth programmes are only open to a small number of businesses and so difficult to get onto.

My Growth Pod aims to solve that challenge. We are able to bring a large number of businesses up to speed quickly and are also able to provide the one to one support that can last you for years, not just a few sessions. Its a win:win for you.

We also have an online platform that connects everyone, we have an extensive library of webinars and workshops AND we have the growth plans. Currently we are the only platform that provides these. That Growth Plan is very powerful and gives you exactly what you need based on the challenges you have. All of this available 24/7.

Why is this a good idea for me?

You must decide whether this is a good idea for you. You're probably a person that is ambitious and wants to earn a stable income from your business. You also want control over your life and the freedom to chose what you do and when.

My Growth Pod has been designed to provide just that.

Everything you need to grow a business in one place.

Online-mini series that fast track your growth.

Access to a community allowing you to learn and grow your sales.

An opportunity to become known locally, Support the local economy and really be seen by potential customers.

Saving your month (even years) of trying to get your business right.

You will worry and stress less once you have the right tools in your bag.

You get to be part of a group of other business owners who will support and help you. You'll never feel alone.

How long does the Startup Accelerator take?

The start up accelerator can take you anywhere from 1 - 3 months depending on what you have in place and how quickly you implement the steps.

We have created an accelerator that gives you a simple structure that anybody can follow. You have online tutorials and cheat sheets, you have growth plans and you have the support of your Growth Manager who will make sure you overcome any challenges you face.

What training does each Growth Pod Manager and Group Leader get?

Not surprisingly, we have a programme for our Growth Manager and Our Growth Pod Leaders, to ensure they have the skills and experience that you need.

The Growth Pod Managers are mostly all consultants already. It is their day job to help businesses grow. They all own their own business and so also know what it is like to be in your shoes.

When they come on board, they go through a 3-month training programme ensuring they are up to speed on everything and they understand how to best serve your needs. Your Growth Manager is also the person that will be quickly able to connect you to the contacts you need to get your business moving.

The Growth Pod Leaders are all business owners like you. They too go through a specially designed training programme and also have the skills to lead and manage the pod and the sessions to ensure everyone has a voice and is supported.

How do I become a Pod leader?

Once you have been in a Growth Pod for a minimum of 6 months and understand how it works, then you can contact your local Growth Pod Manager do discuss you starting your own Pod.

You will need to complete the training and will need to attend the regular update meetings with us so you understand the new themes and how to best support your Pod.

You can invite new members into your Pod, though our marketing is quite extensive and often time we can direct new people to you (through Your Growth Manager).

How do I become A Growth Pod Manager?

Being a Growth Pod Manager is a business opportunity where you can grow and earn a stable income year on year.

Please note that each Growth Manager is responsible for a particular geographical region and we will only have one Growth Manager for each region.

To find out more and express your interest please email us at growthmanager@mygrowthpod.com

Can I sponsor an event or advertise on the platform?

Yes you can. Please email us at advertising@mygrowthpod.com to find out more.

Is there another level of support available on top of the local growth pod?

Yes, as your business grows there are several options that we can offer you.

These include:

  • Access to larger international events.
  • Personal work with Helen or Ray
  • The Scale up Club -  For those with a turnover of 1,000,000 or more.

What if I have other questions?

No problem. We are here to help. Betwwen the hours of 9am - 5pm you can use our live chat function and one of our team will be happy to help you. 

Alternatively you can email us at support@mygrowthpod.com and we will get back to you within 48 hours. 

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