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Growing businesses is what we do. It’s our full-time job and we love it!

About My Growth Pod

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My Growth Pod is part of CPG Executive Consulting Ltd providing business growth support services to Pre-Start, Start Up and SME’s businesses. We have become an information resource that connects like-minded entrepreneurs by building an inclusive community with only one agenda – to help change peoples lives.

We have been supporting businesses, connecting entrepreneurs and building business communities for over 15 years and there’s so much more to accomplish! 

We are passionate about results, consistently adapting and improving our offerings to ensure we all achieve the best possible outcomes. At any stage of your business our blended learning approach through online growth programmes, one2one support and mentoring, peer to peer accelerator pods, and learning events are the key.

Nobody needs to be alone in business, so let’s grow together.

Why businesses engage with us

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  • We are fellow entrepreneurs with a long track record of growing businesses successfully. We ourselves have created a number of multiple 7 figure companies.

  • We have lovingly built a high quality team that are the best at what they do. Going the extra mile every time.

  • We have developed unique training, tools and resources to impart our hard-won knowledge and create lasting change.

  • We have developed online platforms for our members that give them everything they need to grow in one place.

  • To date we have helped over 30,000 people from all walks of life across all industries.

  • We are passionate about what we do and are in it for the long haul. We genuinely care about your success.

What we stand for

Our Mission is to give you the tools you need to start and grow a viable and successful business doing what you love.

How we achieve this:


We ensure long-lasting success by creating a roadmap for your ongoing evolution.


If it’s not exciting we wouldn’t do it. The greater the challenge the more we relish the opportunity.


We are bubbling up with excitement and are dedicated to find and help you live your purpose.


Helping you conquer the summit step by step; creating focused activity to achieve the best results.

Top Notch

We believe in high performance for supremacy and always over-achieve beyond expectation.


We love approaching everything personally and with lots of energy; solving your challenges from the inside out.


We want to be the spark that ignites action, encouraging authenticity for a love of life.


Toolbox of tangible lasting change,
clearing roadblocks to unleash your new powerful future.


Delivering constant intelligent responsive change, with an insatiable quest to deliver more.

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