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If you are ready to break 250k, we’re on the same page.


Uncover what is most important in each of the 6 core areas of your business (strategy, sales & marketing, operations, staff, finance and eco). Get guidance on what to implement to add value to your business and make your life easier.

6 part guide

As a business owner you need sales consistency to fast track the growth you desire. You are probably too busy working in the business rather then on it.

Instinctively you know you can do it, but feel overwhelmed and are missing some of the know-how.  Getting the right outside assistance could be a big step forward.


This is for business owners who want to…


Ensure consistency in sales and marketing activity through a simple repeatable strategy & robust business model.


Gain visibility of all your finances, understand cashflow management and learn to make better business decisions with confidence.


The deciding factor for consumers is a memorable brand. Increase your visibility and drive sales through a persuasive brand.



Put in place the systems and infrastructure your business needs to increase turnover and thrive.


Build a team of great people you can really trust and learn how to delegate so you have more quality time  resources to work on your business not in it.


Learn the benefits of automation and streamline your processes to reduce unnecessary tasks saving precious time and resources. 

Fast Track your business to 250k with MyGrowthPod®

Pioneered by a group of successful entrepreneurs, MyGrowthPod is a unique combination of live training, mentorship and dialogue, powered by a robust business platform build around dynamic growth. 

Become part of this elite group who are pushing the boundaries and achieving success.

The Break 250k group focuses on implementing a business model that generates greater sales consistency whatever the business environment. 

With your mentor, you will quickly learn how to create dependable revenue streams and build the infrastructure that will allow your business to scale.

By joining a supportive business community, you can leverage new connections and build meaningful partnerships to help accelerate your growth to break 250k.

The Break 250k includes…

An Initial Business Diagnostic

This diagnostic is your first step. You gain complete clarity on where you want to take your business. You’ll understand your current situation, what is going well and uncover any challenges preventing growth.  From there we will help you strategise a growth plan for your specific business that will allow you to break 250.

4 One2One Strategy Sessions

Critical to your success is to have regular strategy sessions with your dedicated consultant who will help you map out milestones and actions plans to move your business forward. This will be based around our 6 core pillars of strategy, sales, finance, HR, technology, and eco so that you can run your business seamlessly.

12 Mastermind Sessions

Your subject-matter, expert led monthly mastermind sessions will cover the A-Z of scaling your business. We concentrate on strategy, lead generation, sales, marketing, digital skills, technology, automation, operations, finance & funding.

You will work with you fellow Pod Members to master each tool and implement it in your own business.

Peer To Peer Support - Ongoing

Surround yourself with like-minded ambitious  go-getting entrepreneurs. Access your Peer to Peer 250k Pod on an on-going basis to enjoy better conversations, improved thinking and enjoy the journey together. Create camaraderie and fast track your growth.

2 Business Accelerators

Step by step CPD accedited, on-demand skills programmes allowing you to implement the strategy and tools you need to reach your goals.

The Fast Track Accelerator – A 14 module in-depth (3 month) programme covering all foundation steps that every young business needs to master.  Link to the page.

The Digital Skills Accelerator. This is a detailed 18 module (4 month) programme that covers all aspects of digital marketing. Link to the page.

5 MyGrowthPod® Growth Plans

Take a simple assessment and the platform will create a bespoke growth plan for each area in your business. These are across  strategy, sales, staffing, operations & finance.

Just watch, learn and take action.

Expert Access

Work directly with exceptional subject matter business experts across strategy, finance, operations, HR, marketing, sales, funding, import/export & technology. They will work with you to unpick and solve any specific challenge you are facing.

24/7 Members Platform & Network

Grow your business exponentially by reaching out to your Pod members when you need them. Connect, message and collaborate.

Find new markets, innovate your product/service, obtain market insights, find funding, establish proof of concept, boost your thinking and so much more…

Use Our 6 Pillars of Success To Scale Up Your Business








From the ground up, our 6 pillars are built on the specific areas you'll need to master to scale your business. Our free introductory guide is packed full of practical information which you can begin to apply to your business. 

6 part guide

From Filipi who broke through the 250K barrier…

“The MyGrowthPod team are amazing. Since starting with them at the beginning of the year has made a massive positive impact to my business development, I really would like to thank them for their great effort and enthusiasm as well as mentoring me expanding my business!”

Filipi Nascimento

How do I find out more?

Experience tells us that not everyone is right for this programme.  This is only for those who are ready for the challenge of at least doubling their turnover, hiring extra staff, building sales consistency, investing in infrastructure and expanding their range of products and services. 

Within MyGrowthPod®, you will only learn from us, you will meeting the most ambitious go-getters who are making things happen as we speak. MyGrowthPod® really is the perfect place to scale your business.

Please complete the form and we will be back in touch soon to discuss your individual needs  and show you how MyGrowthPod® will work for you.

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How do I find out more?

Not everyone is accepted into this programme. This is for you if you want to at least double your turnover, hire staff, build sales consistency, invest in infrastructure, expand your products and markets and make it happen.

Within MyGrowthPod® you will only meet the most ambitious go-getters who are making things happen. Not only do you learn from us, but from them too. It is the perfect place to scale your business.

Please fill out the form and we will be in touch with you to discuss your needs and show you how this will work for you.

Have another question? Browse our FAQ’s


Uncover what is most important in each of the 6 core areas of your business (strategy, sales & marketing, operations, staff, finance and eco). Get guidance on what to implement to add value to your business and make your life easier.

6 part guide

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