If breaking 5 million is your next goal, it’s time to think big.


Uncover what is most important in each of the 6 core areas of your business (strategy, sales & marketing, operations, staff, finance and eco). Get guidance on what to implement to add value to your business and make your life easier.

6 part guide

For most people breaking 5 million is a huge task requiring vastly increased revenue and profitability.

It requires the highest level of dedication and perfoamance with an incredible team by your side.

You’ll need to expand your current team, ensuring they have the skills and confidence to run the day-to-day while you concentrate on strategy, opening new markets, and ensuring the cash flow to underpin growth.


This is for if you want to…


You’ve built a great business and have a strong management team at your side. Now it’s time to really encompass your life as the CXO, not just as a founder. This new role brings different challenges as you start to step away from the business’s day-to-day.  The Break 5 Million provides new tools and strategies you need to truly master in order to guide your team with confidence and know-how.


This is the time to start considering your exit options. This means planning ahead and ensuring you maximise every aspect of your business so you can extract more profit. This includes looking at investment opportunities for your reserve cash, allowing you to capitalise on your success.



Continual evolution is key to meeting the changing needs of your customers and remaining competitive. This can be done organically through in-house product development and innovation. Or, from partnership development. Or, from M&A which can increase your sales opportunities exponentially. Getting this right is often a game-changer for a business of your size.


Your people are your greatest ambassadors. Invest in them so they stay with you, and in turn, train them develop and lead their own dedicated high-performance teams. 


As your business expands your technology and infrastructure needs to be strengthened. This allows you to boost efficiency, productivity, security, and communication to enable better data-driven decisions. 


Get investor ready. Learn how to leverage your assets and attract the right type of funders to provide the financial firepower to move your business forward. Learn how to manage and build strong investor relationships.

How MyGrowthPod® Break 5 Million programme fast tracks your business.

Pioneered by a group of successful entrepreneurs, MyGrowthPod® is a unique combination of live training, mentorship, and dialogue, powered by a robust business platform built around dynamic growth.  Become part of an elite group who are pushing the boundaries and achieving success. 

We raise the bar even higher in the break 5 Million group, where you will expand your skills and access the tools to allow you to scale to a much higher level. 

This is about supercharging your team to reach peak performance while you focus on driving new infrastructure, funding, and increase market penetration. You will develop sound finance strategies to maximise your investments to build a more prosperous business.

You will focus on product expansion. Give your target market more options by building new offerings that are relevant, useful, and exciting. This includes implementing eco-friendly business solutions that will help drive ethical practices.

Join a supportive community giving you everything you need to break 5 million.

By being part of the community you can leverage connections and build meaningful partnerships to accelerate your growth, cutting out the sleepless nights.

The Break 5mil includes…

An Initial Business Diagnostic

This diagnostic is your first step. You gain complete clarity on where you want to take your business. You’ll understand your current situation, what is going well and uncover any challenges preventing growth.  From there we will help you strategise a growth plan for your specific business that will allow you to break 5 million.

4 Private Strategy Sessions

Critical to your success is to have regular strategy sessions with your dedicated consultant who will help you map out milestones and actions plans to move your business forward. This will be based around our 6 core pillars of strategy, sales, finance, HR, technology, and eco so that you can run your business seamlessly.

12 Mastermind sessions

Your subject-matter expert led monthly mastermind sessions will cover the six pillars to scaling your business. We concentrate on strategy, sales & marketing, leadership & staffing, Eco, technology, automation, operations and finance & funding.

You will work with you fellow Pod Members to master each tool and implement it in your own business.

Open to you and your key staff. Your subject-matter expert led monthly mastermind sessions will cover the must have CXO skills. We concentrate on

  • Complex strategy and market expansion
  • Precision staffing & leadership
  • Financial structures and M&A,
  • Forecasting, tax & investment planning,
  • Technology & data management,
  • Compliance, eco & quality standards
Peer To Peer Support - Ongoing

Surround yourself with like-minded ambitious go-getting entrepreneurs. Access your Peer to Peer 5mil Pod on an on-going basis to enjoy better conversations, improved thinking and enjoy the journey together. Create camadarie and fast track your growth.

You will work with you fellow Pod Members to master each tool and implement it in your own business.

You will work with you fellow Pod Members to master each tool and implement it in your own business.

4 Business Accelerators

Step by step CPD accedited, on-demand skills programmes allowing you to implement the strategy and tools you need to reach your goals.

The leadership Accelerator – A 6 module programme (2 months) covering all aspects of leadership, staff management and retention.

The Green Accelerator: This is a 4 module (6 week programme) giving you and your staff everything you need to comply with upcoming carbon reduction laws and reporting structures coming into play across the globe.

The Digital Skills Accelerator. For your staff to access so they stay up to speed with the latest techniques. This is a detailed 18 module (4 month) programme that covers all aspects of digital marketing. Link to the page.

The Fast Track Accelerator – A 14 module in-depth (3 month) programme covering all foundation steps that every young business needs to master.  Link to the page.

5 MyGrowthPod Growth Plans

Take a simple assessment and the platform will create a bespoke growth plan for each area in your business. These are across  strategy, sales, staffing, operations & finance.

Just watch, learn and take action.

Detailed Expert Access

Work directly with exceptional subject matter business experts across strategy, finance, operations, HR, marketing, sales, funding, import/export & technology. They will work with you to unpick and solve any specific challenge you are facing.

24/7 Members Platform & Network

Grow your business exponentially by reaching out to your Pod members when you need them. Connect, message and collaborate.
Find new markets, innovate your product/service, obtain market insights, find funding, establish proof of concept, boost your thinking and so much more…

Achieve Scale Through Our 6 Pillars of Success








From the ground up, our 6 pillars are built on the specific areas you'll need to master to scale your business. Our free introductory guide is packed full of practical information which you can begin to apply to your business. 

6 part guide

From Jayke who broke through the 5 million barrier…

“I thought it was a fantastic opportunity to work with business owners and have access to business consultants; to gain business advice and support in the current challenging climate.”

Jayke Magnion

How do I find out more?

Not everyone is accepted into this programme. This is for you if you want to at least double your turnover, hire staff, build sales consistency, invest in infrastructure, expmand your products and marters and make it happen.

Within MyGrowthPod® you will only meet the most ambitious go-getters who are making things happen. Not only do you learn from us, but from them too. It is the perfect place to scale your business.

Please fill out the form and we will be in touch with you to discuss your needs and show you how this will work for you.

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