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Creating Local Business Success

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Step 1: 

You decide

  • Your desired results.

  • The industries and how many businesses you want to serve.

  • How long you want the programme to run.

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Step 2:

You choose

Which of our services and tools you want to blend together to provide the maximum level of support that suit your budget.

Business support design

Step 3:

With you

We design and deliver a fully bespoke support programme unique to your wishes, giving you complete control at every stage.

Business Support That Works For Everyone

business support programmes

Using our unique blends of digital and face to face support we are able to achieve lasting success for all participants of our programmes.

With our uniquely designed platform, we are able to offer indepth support without the high price tag of traditional business support programmes; reaching more and more businesses everyday.


With our unique blend of marketing and participant recruitment strategies we are able to engage hard to find demographics and regions.


Growth Action Plan-green tickPersonalised Business Growth Plan: We can provide a Specific Growth Action plan for each participant which gives bespoke training and support to each particpant.

Growth Action Plan-green tickPrivate Platform Access: We give you your own members area. You can see sign up rates, peoples activity, access reports and can participate in the programme if you wish.

Growth Action Plan-green tickLive workshops/seminars/Q&A/focus groups: These can be in person (when safe to do so) or online. All are recorded and available anytime.

Growth Action Plan-green tickHalf and Full day events: Showcasing the council. Included all event management, speakers, catering and MC support.

Growth Action Plan-green tickSpecialist small group accelerators: Indepth personalised focus groups and workshops over a fixed period bringing participants on a journey of growth. We can provide this for all industries and all topics.

Growth Action Plan-green tickOnline complete business courses: We have programmes for restuarants, food manufacturers, developing an online presence, scaling a business and business pivoting, starting a successful business from scratch and much more.

Growth Action Plan-green tickNetworking and Community development: These can be online or in person. We provide very friendly and inclusive sessions where we ensure all attendees are included and assisted. 

What The Participants Do

business health check

 Step 1:

Participants complete our detailed Health Check Questionnaires

We have comprehensive industry specific health checks for pre-starts, startups and SME’s

Each Health Check takes just a few minutes.

Then, our powerful and intuative system will create the perfectly tailored growth action plan specific to each business. 

Black Professional

 Step 2:

Participants engage on your  secure business support area

Participants access their dashboard containing their growth plan, events, training  eLibrary and can apply for one2one mentoring, Q&A sessions and book business clinics. 

This encourages the necessary implementation to reach the desired business success.

Business action

Step 3:

Participants work through their programme taking action

Success only happens with action.

Our expert consultants are there to support participants every step of the way, helping to trouble shoot and work through any challenges they face.

We are there every step of the way. 

What Business Types Do We Support?

Business support programmes 3

We support a wide range of businesses

Growth Action Plan-green tick Prestarts, startups and small businesses (up to 50 employees).

Growth Action Plan-green tickWe can provide a generalist programme that will work for all industries right out of the box.

Growth Action Plan-green tickWhen you want more we have specific support programmes for Technology, Digital, Food, Hospitality, Creatives, eCommerce and professional services. These progammes include everything in our general programmes and include specialist events and Health Checks for those specific Industries.  (We can design bespoke specific industry support if requested).

Growth Action Plan-green tickWe can support businesses from 50 to 250 employees and have a corporate suite of programmes that are more applicable to these businesses. (Please apply for more information).

This  Service Is For You If:

Growth Action Plan-green tick You are a local governement council and have funding to support local businesses.

Growth Action Plan-green tickYou want to provide a programme that truly supports the success of each business in the programme.

Growth Action Plan-green tickYou want to reach a wider audience and ensure high participation rates.

Growth Action Plan-green tickYou want a programme that provides complete security and privacy and provides easy and transparent reporting at a touch of a button.

Young business owner

Find Out What We Can Do For You

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How long will your support programme last?

What industries would you like to support?

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Your Common Questions Answered

How does it work?

It is very simple. You choose what elements you want in your business support programme. You tell us your targets and budget and then we design your specific programme.

We know it is not just about results but it is also about raising your profile in the local community and public awareness of your support, building on the local economy and increasing local employment. This level of Council visibility will be built into the marketing aspects of our programme and you will get the PR you deserve.

How good are your programmes really?

We think they are excellent. We have always overachieved our objectives. Please CLICK HERE to review a sample of some of our Council Contracts.


How do I access my Council Members Area?

Once you engage us you will be emailed with your login details where you can access your dashboard. We have a brief 10 minutes welcome video for you to watch showing you exactly how to use the platform and get the most out of it. You can see sign up rates, activities and revew upcoming and previous event recordings.

If you get stuck there is tech support on hand to help you via our live chat.

How is this business support different?

This type of business support programme is 100% unique to us. We have developed it in-house over the past 10 years. It is based on years of experience working with SME’s across the UK.

We have a blended approach to helping you. This means that we have a dedicated online platform where participants can access support 24/7. This is a comprehensive eLearning platform that is set up to be easily accessible, yet give detailed support and help. There is no other platform (that we are aware of) that allows participants to build a personalised growth action plan specific to their own business.

We also record all events, virtual and live, (except for networking events) which allows people to access the same information anytime. No-one is left behind.

Our specialist consultants working one2one with a business can be given access to that businesses growth plan (with express permission from the business) to ensure that the time they spend with the business is to solve real challenges, not just to spend the time fact finding.

You have dedicated access to the platform. You can get an up to date snapshot of what is happening, including how many people are involved and you can see how they are interacting. There is even a leaderboard where you can see which businesses are most active.

We specialise in building a community of participants who not only participate but who actively help the other members, building a stronger local business community. We ensure that there is a strong group spirit and get to know the business owners on a personal level too. It is vital that they feel safe and supported in our experienced hands.

Do you give any guarantees?

Yes we do. We stand behind everything we say and agree to. You will recieve reporting (Weekly if you wish) and we only ever accept payment based on our actual results.

Does it work for any business?

Yes it does. We have tested this on nearly every business type out there.  Here are some examples.

  • Health, Wellness & Fitness
  • Professional Services
  • Education & Coaching
  • Technology and IT
  • Construction & Real Estate
  • Hospitality & Tourism
  • Art, Design & Creatives
  • Food & Manufacturing
  • Retail – High street and ecommerce
  • Logistics, import/export, dropshipping
  • Etc

What if I'm not good with tech?

Well, we’re not very good with tech either! We’ve had to learn a lot along the way and we’ll show you how to do everything you need. We developed our platform to be easy enough for anyone to use. As long as you can read English, you have everything that you need to complete your personalised Action Growth Plan.

Have you really trained over 15,000 people?

Yes, over 15,000 to date. We have been running business support programmes for the UK government for over 10 years and we help an average of 3-4,000 (and growing) businesses each year. Those people who have gone before you have been our guinea pigs to getting this tool right so that it will work for you out of the box.

For an example of some of our programmes go to

Our job has always been to help people build their businesses, and we want to support more. One of the reasons we built this tool is because we have more people everyday needing in-depth support than we can provide. making our resources more accessible was the best way to help more entrepreneurs like you get results faster.

By the way, we have invested a lot in this course for you. It  took us over 3 years to plan, assemble, record, test and build the platform. We’ll also be updating and adding to the tool as things change. That’s why you get lifetime access; so you can always be up to date.

What if I have other questions?

Then get in touch with us. We have live chat support available on the bottom right (during 9am -5pm BST) .

You can also email us at

You can even call us on +44 (0)207 193 9207

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