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We have answered all the quick questions we typically get asked.

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General Questions

What is MyGrowthPod? +

MyGrowthPod® is a dedicated structured accelerator that deals with the real life challenges you are facing, regardless of your business size.

This is the very best in class which is designed to meet your specific needs. As you business grows you will face a different set of challenges and you will need to acquire different skills to overcome them.

MyGrowthPod® provides different levels of support depending on your size and ambitions, giving you the complete pathway as your business matures.

In otherwords, this is life long business support for you, how you want it, when you want it.

Not only does it give you the skills you need but you also join other entrepreneurs at your stage of business. Here you can discuss your challenges, problem solve and get additional support.

Essentially, you will have a a team of experts around you who can act as a sounding board and give advice regardless of what you are facing.  You will never feel alone again.

It’s like having your own board of directors without having to employ them.

What are the different MyGrowthPod levels?+

The first stage is ensuring you break 250 thousand in turnover.

Here you are likely still figuring out the best business model for growth. This includes your sales and marketing, finances & funding, staffing and operations. Everything we cover here is dedicated to solidifying your position.

The second phase is to break 1 million in turnover.

This is for businesses who want to improve their infrastructre, grow their team and expand their business. You have been consistently selling successfully for a period of time and want to scale up.  This includes leadership and management skills, recruitment and culture development, developing new products and expanding into new markets.

The third stage is to break 5 million in turnover.

Here you are already comfortablly over 1 million in turnover and you are entering new markets, diversifying your portfolio and are hiring on a larger scale.

At this stage is is not just your skills that need attention, but that of your team. Therefore you give select team members access to the platform and support network. There, they can develop their leadership and management skills, while you are concentrating on strategy, profitability, lean management and are starting to consider sussession planning. You no longer wish to be fully involved in day to day operational management.

There is a forth stage for those who want to Break 10 million in turnover. BY INVITATION ONLY

Here you are comfortably turning over 5 million plus and are now considering your exit options. You likely have at least 50 staff and are thinking about large scale operational improvments and expanding internationally. You have dedicated teams who require training and mentoring and you want to consolidate your culture, branding and profitability.

Which level is right for me? +

That is simple. Just take the simple service chooser questionnaire and we’ll automatically recommend the right level for you. You can Access it HERE.

By the way, if you join and feel that you are actually past a level or you may have over extended yourself. No problem. Just let us know and we’ll swap you over.

But I need specific help with my busines. +

Everyone does.

That is why we provide private 121 advice sessions with expert consultants as a part of each package.

If you want more you can purchase them seperately. That’s no problem.

Will this work in my country? +

Yes it will. The principles of business are the same. So yes, this will work in any country. The structural set up, laws and regulations may be slightly different in your locality, but other than that you are good to go.

Is this for existing active business only? +

We are hoping that you have an existing business already, though you could be an ambitious start up. We also are only interested in those who want to break at least 250 thousand and/or double their turnover.

If you are a lifestyle business. I.E. you work for yourself and don’t intend to grow above 150 thousand in turnover, then really, this is not for you.

Is this a business community too? +

Yes it is. Of dedicated ambitous entrepreneurs who really care about your success as much as their own.

Not only do we give you access to all the training and pods, but you can also contact anyone inside of the members directory.

You can post on your timeline, connect and message each other. You can create your own groups, start forum discussions and do business with other members. Its far more than just a training platform. You could potentially make millions from the contacts alone.

We're different. Will this work for us? +

Yes it will. Your business will be different, how a business works will not. Businesses all have the same departments, a similar set up and ways of working. There might be some minor tweaks for your business model but that’s all.

We have tested this on nearly every business type out there. Here are some examples.

  • Health, Wellness & Fitness
  • Professional Services
  • Education & Coaching
  • Technology and IT
  • Construction & Real Estate
  • Hospitality & Tourism
  • Art, Design & Creatives
  • Food & Manufacturing
  • Retail – High street and ecommerce
  • Logistics, import/export, dropshipping
  • Etc
How is MyGrowthPod different? +

There is currenty no other platform out there that provides what we do. This is our unique model and it has been designed from our 20 + years epxrience acting as consultants to the SME sector.

Many of the tools on this platform were designed by us. If you see them else where, that is them copying us.

Our services and platform is in constant development. As the business environment changes so do we. It is in a contstant state of evolution.


Programme Questions

Who will I see for my strategy sessions? +

We want to be sure you work with the most experienced consultant for your industry. Therefore, at the beginning, when you do your initial diagnistic session, you will be assigned the most appropriate consultant for your size, industry and location.

Can I realistically fit this in? +

Yes. This is about working on your business, not in it. You will do short bursts and then implement it. It’s about developing a strategy and business model that gives you back time so you can concentrate on growth.

What if I can't attend business labs live? +

We appreciate that everyone’s schedule is different. That is why we record the live sessions. That way you can catch up later, anytime you want. It’s all available inside the platform.

What if I need additional help? +

No problem. You can have all the time and sessions you need and your consultant can discuss that with you.

Why Monthly Pod Meetings? +

Entrepreneurship can be lonely. We all feel alone. Not having someone to talk to who really understands what it is like in that CEO chair can really hold you back.

By surrounding yourself with other business owners who are just like you, ensures that help is always on hand.  You can troubleshoot challenges, overcome problems and feel like you are supported.

The biggest problem business owners have is not having a sounding board to talk out ideas. The Pod meetings provide that platform.

Even if you don’t want to talk, you can listen and learn from others. The point being, when you need help it is there for you, 365 days a year.

Why monthly Business Labs? +

Led by our expert consultants, they provide you with the tools and skills you need now, based on your ambitions. They give your the realword knowhow to take your business to the next level.

They show you the tool, why its a good idea, how to use it and then give you examples of the application, all in under 20 minutes. After that participants discuss together how they can implement this in their own business. Our experts are there to help you with any challenges and questions you have. Everything is answered live.

The teaching part of these sessions are recorded and are available for you on the platform whenever you want. So, if you miss a session you can still catch up.

It’s so easy.

What are the Growth Plans? +

We love these.

Developed in-house by our business consultants, these are the fastest way to overcome your business challenges.

You start by taking a health check suitable for your stage of business and your current challenges.

The health Check takes just a couple of minutes. Based on your answers, our platform automatically generates a growth plan for you.

This growth plan gives you all the tools you need to solve those challenges allowing you to progress to the next level. You just have to follow the training and implement what you learn into your business.

Simple, easy, effective.

How is this better than a free programme? +

Great question. There are lots of free government run programmes, it’s true.  Our expierience is that they are great to get you started, however advice is usually quite generalised. Because the advice is very general, and usually not personal, you never really get the level of information that makes a real difference to your business.

These programmes are usually aimed at very small businesses and usually at the start up phase. While this is fine, its never enough to really grow. We cover far bigger businesses and give you the real advice that really works. This makes this much more meaningful and useful.

We’ve also noticed that free programmes come and go. There is no consistency with them. So great for a few months, but then they are gone. That is no way to grow a business.

We wanted to change that, which is one of the main reasons why we created MyGrowthPod TM. We will be there with you for the lifetime of your business.

We go into the detail level you need at that time. So as you grow, so do your skills. It’s like having a global team helping you get to the next stage of business. You won’t get that from a free programme.

By the way, those business support programmes are not free. It is paid for by your government. They invest millions each year in an attempt to help you. It goes so far, but not as far as you will typically need.

How can I include my partner in this? +

It makes sense to want to talk to your partner first.

Just bring them to this page and allow them to understand how this all works. It’s important you are both in agreement.

Remember, if you have a business partners, they should be involved in MyGrowthPod too. For lasting change you all will need access to the same tools and support.


Platform Questions

What skills training is available? +

There are tonnes of tools, programmes, accelerators and stand alone modules.

Usually you have to go to different platforms to get expertise on different skills. Not so here. With our 20+ years of business growth experience we have developed all of the necessary training, not just for you, but also your staff.

Essentially it is the one stop shop for all things business. You will never need to go anywhere else.

There is a full range of training available, which we are constantly adding to. We have accelerators on fast track, scale up, digital skills, leadership, green and eco. We also have hundreds of stand alone webinars that cover all business areas.

Please CLICK HERE to see a full list of our current offerings.

How up to date is the training? +

Extremely. We are constantly updating our accelerators to ensure that they keep up with the latest technology and business practices.

What about upskilling my staff? +

Great question.

Yes, this is a big part of what we do.

At the early stages it is likely just you, but as you grow your team they too need training. Not just in things like digital skills, but leadership and all the soft skills that are really rarely taught.

That’s why we provide this too. Depending on the level you purchase you can include staff members. If you have additional staff you wish to upskill you can purchase a seperate licence for them. It is really as versitile as your business.

Will I be able to do this part-time? +

We realise you are busy. MyGrowthPod is just one small thing you do in your week to keep yourself on track. How and when you do this is up to you.

This is not like a university course. Learn one thing that improves your business, implement it into your business and then move on. Knowledge on its own will get you nowhere.

I'm not the studying type, will this work? +

This really not about studying. We prefer that you do short bursts and then implement things. That’s what makes the difference to your business. You learn as you do.

That said, we realise that many of you want to immerse yourself. That’s fine. It’s all there for you when you want. All available 24/7.

As people learn in different ways, we have catered for different learning preferences. You can watch the video, listen to MP3’s or read the transcript. Do each module as often as you want and follow the instructions for the cheat sheets and you’ll easily understand everything.

Will you really be here to support me? +

Yes we will.

Not only do you have access to our experts on an on-going basis (We have a panel for you to choose from), you also have the support of your peers in the pod meetings.

We also provide 121 sessions. These are private sessions via zoom where you can get your challenges solved. There will be certain number of these included in your package, however you can add more if you like.


Payment Questions

What if I have a partner/co-founder? +

2 people from the same business can join for the price of £799 a month. Once you are set up please email support with the details of the second person.

Do you offer a trial offer? +

We do not offer a trial, however we do have a 14 day guarantee period. If something is not right please let us know and we’ll get your sorted.

What are your payment options? +

We have teo options.

An annual upfront payment or you can pay for it over a year on a monthly basis as a payment plan.

What if I cannot afford this? +

The reason you need to do this becasue what you are currently doing is not working for you. Entrepreneurs always find a way.

In just a short period of time you will not be concerned about your investment as the value you recieve will be significantly more. If you are serious about having a successful business then you cannot afford not to do this.

We have seen thousands of people struggle on their own and eventually most of them fail or have to make do with really meagre income. This is no life for anyone.

The bottom line is that if you are not prepared to invest in your success, how can you expect to really be successful?

Is my data and card information secure? +


We use Stripe as the gateway for payments, which is the most secure system in the world.

On the platform we have dedicated cybersecurity and a tech team that is constantly monitoring the platform.

Do you give a guarantee? +

Yes we do. You have a 14 day money back guarantee. This is plenty of time for your to attend a pod meeting and lab session as well as emerse yourself in the training.

It's not for me, can I get my money back? +

We have a 14 day, no questions asked, money back guarantee.  That gives you enough time to do a live pod meeting and business lab. You can watch all the recodings you like.

We will assume that you have done your own due diligence. As mentioned before, success comes from the implementation and involvement in the community. That is something you build up over time.

If something is not working for you please contact us at and we’ll help you in any way we can.


What payment options are available? +

We have two options for you. An upfront annual investment or a payment plan allowing you to spread the cost monthly.

We have multiple payment gateways ensuring that you can safely pay.

Is MyGrowthPod really worth the money? +

We give you everything you need to make millions annually. If you don’t apply it, then nothing will happen. We can’t control your actions or lack thereof.

We’d like you to take a simple approach to this. Making things complicated is not in your best interest.

We’ve had people who implement what we are saying and make over 250k in their first month and over a million in their first year. Others never implement anything and therefore make very little. That’s with the same information. So which one are you going to be?


More Questions..?

What if I have other questions? +

Then get in touch with us. We have Live chat support available on the bottom right (during 9 -5 BST) .

You can also email us at

You can even call us on +44 (0)207 193 9207