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Welcome to Kickstarter

We are delighted to welcome you to your Kickstarter programme on the MyGrowthPod platform. Our purpose is to help you give your Kickstarter the training and career development they need to move forward.

Help in on hand regardless of your question. Please contact us if you need anything. The chat box below is the fastest way, though you can also call or email us. Contact us

Help & FAQ’s

What should I do first?

There is a lot of functionality and tools available to you in this platform. To ensure that you understand how to get around we recommend that you start by watching the welcome video. This is a short video that will show you what you can do.

Hint: The video is on this page. 🙂

Can a Group Leader be a Student and vice versa?

In short no. This will confuse the system and will give you an error when you login. It will also take up a student licence if you assgn yourself as a student. And you don’t want to do that.

You can only be either a group manager or a student. Not both at the same time. This is because the group leader (who bought the programme) and your kickstarter have a different dashboard area.

The system knows which dashboard to send you to based on your role. It simply cannot send you to two dashboards at the same time if you have 2 roles assigned.

If you want help to mange your kickstarter, you can add other group leaders (other than the student and they will have access to the Group Management area too.)

Don’t worry, you can still see what your student sees by clicking on the student dashboard botton on the blue menu.

How do I invite new students/users?

Your users are the Kickstart Students you have in your business.

Once you have familiarised yourself with the platform the next step is to invite your Kickstarter to join your training group.

To do this. on your dashboard, click add user. Then fill in the form as requested.

Once you hit submit your Kickstart (user) will receive an email asking them to join. They may have to check their junk email. And that is it. 

If your user/Kickstarter is already registered on the site (perhaps you want to upgrade their existing package) Then you will need to send them an enrollment key. Click on the same add user grey button. This time click on the radio button send enroll key. Fill in their details. 

Leave password blank and hit submit. 

The existing user then enters the key when they login they enter the key and then they are enrolled and have access. 

NB: If you fill in the password it overwrites the password of the kickstarter and you will have to give them this new password. 

Can I see what they see?

Yes most certainly. You will see in your blue menu that there is an option for the student dashboard.

By clicking on this your device/pc will open a new tab in your browser where you can see their dashboard area. You also have full access.

Please note that you, as a group leader, will not use up one of the licences that you purchased.

Can I see my kickstarter's progress?

Yes most certainly you can.

In your own dashboard, you will see the title Enrolled Students. To the right of that there is a grey button saying add seats.

By clicking on this you will be brought to a page where you can add additional  seats.

Please note that you might need to login again to verify your purchase.

What reports are available?

There are many reports available though they may not all be relevant to you. It depends on the service you have bought.

The most relevant is the progress report. This tells you how far each of your student has progressed along their course and their career plan.

The Quiz report, lets you know how well they have learned the content. Based on their score you might want them to resit the module.

The Growth Plan report tells you how many of the modules they have completed. (Your student has to manually mark each module complete).

The Assignment report tells you what assignments they have completed in their career plan.

The essay report might be something that the Career Counsellor has assigned to your student. Typically this is between them and you will not usually have access.


How do I guide my kickstart?

They can do just the assigned modules that you purchased. Which gives them everything that the government requires and more.

For those who are unsure what they want in their career then we suggest they start with the My Career Plan. This is a 6 month programme where they are assigned different cheat sheets to complete. Each one building on the last. This helps them understand themselves, what they want, their career goals and how to attain that career goal.

Have a chat with your Kickstart and see which route suits them best. They can change at any time and do it in any order they want.

Why does my kickstart have to mark each module/lesson/topic as complete?

The system is smart, but it is not telepathic. Just because they viewed a module/lesson/topic doesn’t mean that they completed it. Therefore, they need to tell the system when they are ready to move on, by marking things as complete.

This is to help them. Once you mark something as complete it appears as complete in their growth plan. That way they know where to start from the next time they want to action something on their growth plan.

Very importantly. If they do not mark each section as complete, you will not have any data on your reports.

Further the Kickstart will not be able to access their completion certificate unless all the lessons and quizzes have been marked as complete.

Can my Kickstart access a Career Counsellor?

If you have purchased the Gold or Deluxe package, then yes they will be able to access their counsellor live for 1 (Gold) or 3 sessions (Deluxe).

The Essential Package does not come with an included career session. However if you wish your Kickstarter to have sessions please contact us and we can arrange it for you. There is a cost per session and your account manager can discuss the options with you. Click HERE to contact us.

Does the Kickstart get a completion certificate?

Yes. Once they have completed all their assigned modules and quizzes and have marked them as complete. Then they will be able to download their Certificate Of Completion.

Can I upgrade my packages?

Yes you can.

You would typically do this if:

  • Your kickstarter has asked for more
  • You want to give them live Career sessions or access to new modules.

If you are not sure what the options are please click here

Upgrading is simple. From your dashboard click on th grey button, add growth plans. This brings you to the payemtn page where you can chose additional services.

Please note that is is best to arrange this with our finance team first. You will be asked to pay the full price on the add package page. So it is best if you organise a refund for the difference from our finance team in advance. 

Please email us at to arrange this. 


What if I have other questions?

No problem. We are here to help.  Please either click on the contact us tab in the blue column or hit the chat button in the botton right. We are available live Monday to Friday during business hours.