Gluten Free Pizza With Boccincini Bakery

Bocconcini Bakery

Something delicious, and gluten-free!

Bocconcini Bakery

Antonella met Ray through the Wandsworth Foodies business support programme sponsored by Richmond Council around four years ago.

She was still working as a sales manager for a food export company and had just moved to the UK permanently.

The business was still at the pre-start up stage but soon Bocconcini Bakery would be born.

Antonella recalls, “I found the training with CPG very inspiring and liked the way they were so concrete and decisive with business ideas, always providing practical solutions rather than theoretical ideas.”

After Antonella finished the course, she contacted CPG directly for private one to one coaching and has been working with the team ever since, growing and developing the business.

“I was not an entrepreneur when I started. Although I had a background in beverages and food, I was not a chef or someone who knew anything about starting my own business. I was looking for help with the basic start-up advice of how to build a brand and sell a product. I did know that I wanted to create my unique product and business from scratch though.”

The training gave Antonella more energy and confidence to open the business a lot sooner than she would have working on it alone, she found the training to be an effective blueprint that guided her in the right direction for the first few years and still uses her notes from the programme today.

“I’ve been inspired many times by the training and love that it gave me practical steps to move forward at each stage. Although I was actively looking for help, I found the business programme by chance and it was great to work with similarly minded people in my locality working on food businesses at the same time. It gives you so much momentum to keep going.”

“My favourite part of the programme was the one to one support, it helped me focus on my particular problems such as general day to day issues and getting sales going. Ray in particular helped me in the initial stages to focus a lot on the future plans for the company – we always came back to that vision in our mentoring sessions. Having an idea of where I wanted to take my company helped me clarify my mind and focus on the next steps that would get me there. As an entrepreneur you are generally on your own most of the time, so sharing problems and finding solutions together helps immensely – because you’re in the middle of it all, it can help to talk to someone more subjective.”

Antonella Vecciu

As with many entrepreneurs, Antonella’s greatest achievement on the programme was creating the business in the first place- “I wasn’t a chef or an entrepreneur but knowing I built my business from scratch keeps me going every day, especially when it gets tough.”

The Bocconcini Bakery now have a lot of competitors but will always be the first company to sell gluten-free pizza bases on the market that both look and taste like a normal pizza. The business currently sells frozen gluten-free pizza to pizzerias, has been growing steadily for four years and is now ready to expand. The business will be evolving again soon, preparing to expand their product line and expand into retail after a rebrand so they can sell directly to the consumer.

“Every day I learn something new about business. Before working with CPG, I didn’t know what being an entrepreneur meant. I learnt how to create a brand, a product and most importantly how to work with people and manage staff. I have worked in every aspect of my business from accounting to cooking and dealt with everything over four years. This was hard as I couldn’t concentrate on growing the business, but now knowing about all aspects of the business my new production manager is taking control of everyday tasks and I can focus on the rebrand.”

“If you’re thinking of working with CPG – Do it, do the training and follow the course, and if you can afford one to one coaching too it helps a lot to be specific about your industry.”

“Although the course was four years ago, I still recommend working with the team and I love talking to the people I meet about the training as I was so impressed with CPG.”

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