The London Borough of Wandsworth has a number of years’ experience in delivering and commissioning successful business support programmes across the borough.  The new Ignite Business Programme will look to continue this support, assisting entrepreneurs, startups, and high-growth businesses to achieve their ambitions.

FREE to businesses and residents in the Wandsworth Borough.

Running from January  2024 – March 2025

How to get Started






Open to pre-start or start-ups or recently started. This is a full 3 day accelerator where we will take you though each of the critical steps to start up and fast track a new business. This is a live and in-person where our consultants will work directly with you so you can be sure your start up is in the best shape possible. We give you all the hacks, shortcuts and skills you need to fast track your business.

You can also access on-demand training and accelerators 24/7 plus monthly networking events.



This is for ambitious business owners that want to grow by 20%+ in the next twelve months. This programme is open to all entrepreneurs across all industries.

You will receive in-depth mentoring sessions and work with a dedicated consultant to assist in scaling your business which includes strategy, sales and marketing, leadership and management, talent, technology, and sustainability, finance etc.

Full platform access and networking included.



You will get a digital asset audit which focuses on your current online performance.

In addition take part on our three digital skills Accelerator days designed to give you the complete A-Z of digital skills and get a defined and specific digital strategy that will work for you It’s everything you need to implement a powerful digital marketing strategy.

You can also access on-demand training and accelerators and our monthly networking events. m


Exciting Additional Programme Features


Win a Dragons Den Style Pitch Up Competition for your start up. 

Kickstart your business by learning how to create and deliver a pitch that will wow investors. You’ll get pitch training, win prizes, and get the experience you need to secure funding.


Bring your business to the next level by learning how to apply for big business tenders. Open up the opportunity to impress corporates and govenrment procurements with your tender applications. We’ll give you everything you need to create tendering success.


Access peer-to-peer support through our friendly, interactive and a fantastic place to share ideas, build partnerships, get support and become part of a thriving local economy.

Held at various venues and times across the borough.


Experiencing any growing pains?

Get access to experienced business consultants across multiple disciplines to work on your key challenges.

Held at various venues and times across the borough.

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Heres’s what businesses have to say from our last previous successful programmes

The business support offered was a lifeline. I was just about to quit and get a job and this came along.

I will be forever grateful for all the work that Helen and Ray and all at CPG have done and of course for the Council.



Sheetal Arora

Homemade Curries & Cafe Arora

“I’ve gained so much from working with My growth pod. They gave me the information & the tools I needed when setting up my bespoke design business, but I feel one of the most important tools they gave me was the language and confidence to be able to speak to the right people to move my digital footprint to the next level.

Thank you.”

Gail Hall

Founder, YouGo Productions

I am so grateful to have someone to help me navigate the challenges I was facing at such a difficult time. I could not see the wood from the trees and needed an outside perspective to help me build a plan for growth and to keep me accountable.

It shifted my thinking, I was trying to compete with the big boys and do what they are doing, and I forgot about who we are, what makes us special, and why we exist.”

Tom Doran

Doran Family Vintners


This programme has been designed specifically for Wandsworth and it has been created in a way that is easy to access and easy to use. If you have additional questions to the most common FAQ’s please contact us and we’ll be happy to assist you.


What is this programme?

This is a business support programme, commissioned by Wandsworth Council provided for free for businesses and residents in the Wandsworth Borough.

What does it cost?

This programme is FREE OF CHARGE to residents and businesses or anyone who is thinking of starting up a business in the Wandsworth Borough.

Who is eligible?

All residents and businesses in the Wandsworth Borough. Or anyone thinking about locating their business or starting their business in the borough, or where the majority of their turnover comes from within the borough.

When is the programme?

This programme is running from January 2024 until March 2025. You can join at any time up to February 2025. You can join at any time up to February 2025.

How do I apply?

All you have to do is click the “Sign Up Now” button on this page for the programme you want to apply for and then complete the sign-up form.

What happens after I apply?

You will receive a welcome email which includes details on how to access the on demand training platform, book 121s and will be invited to all our events.

Wandsworth Council, CPG, and MyGrowthPod® collaborating to support local businesses, and the community to fuel the local economy.