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Just 3 Easy Steps To Your Personalised Kickstart Training Programme

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Step 1

Choose the package you wish to provide for your Kickstarter

This is a personalised programme providing an enriched placement experience which sets them up for future employablility.

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Step 2

Choose the number of programmes you wish to purchase

Buy as many as you like. We have bulk discounts that automatically calculate on the checkout page.

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Step 3

 Login to the platform and invite your Kickstarter to begin

You get your private and secure team management page where you can invite and monitor your Kickstarter progress.

Get Your Tailored Kickstart Training Programme Instantly

Specifically Designed To Give Your Kickstarters Everything They Need

Why Do I Need This Kickstart Programme?

Kickstarter Scheme

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One platform with everything you need built in. 

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Your Kickstarter can work with their career consultant to develop a 6 month career development plan 

white tickAll programmes are reliable, comprehensive, easy and affordable

white tickComplete visibility and control you need to monitor your Kickstarter

white tickSaves you time with full professional support

white tickBuilt by our in-house Career Coach who has 25+ years experience

white tickSupported over 30,000+ job seekers find employment.

Your Kickstarter’s Journey

Kickstarter platform

Step 1

Begin with a complete online career health check

Your Kickstarter will uncover their strengths, their limitations and it will provide more clarity of what they want for their future.

Kickstart programme

Step 2

Start online training with access to their modules 24/7

From the kickstarter’s dashboard they can access all of their programme modules, cheatsheets, scripts and templates.

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Step 3

Students develop a 6 month career plan with their coach

Live coaching to develop their skills and embed the learning. This includes career counselling, CV reviews and mock interviews.

(Gold and Deluxe Only)

This is for you if: 

white tick You have a Kickstart Scheme participant

white tickYou want to ensure you adhere to the government required criteria 

white tickYou want to enrich their placement experience

white tickYou want to help set them up for future employability

white tickYou do not have in-house trainers who can do this for you

white tickYou don’t have the time and need everything to work seamlessly

white tickYou want a straight forward, transparent and easy to use programme

white tickYou want a cost effective solution that provides real world skills

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**Modules CANNOT be bought seperately. Only as part of a bundle. Click Here To See Pricing

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Job Search Skills

Everything you need to to get your job search right.

Learn everything you need to know about the best job search strategies and techniques including how to find hidden jobs and much more…

kickstart CV

CV Building

How to build an effective CV to get interviews every time.

Learn the A-Z of creating a CV that gets interviews. We cover  formatting, cover letters that get noticed and much more…

kickstart interview

Interview Skills

A complete breakdown of the interview. Learn how to ace job interviews.

This includes understanding the interview format, discovering the interview questions, how to answer difficult questions and much more…

kickstart time management

Time Management

How to increase productivity and get the most out of your time.

This includes goal setting, time management techniques, staying calm under pressure, planning your day/week/month and much more…

team membership excellence

Being A Great Team Player 

How to become a valued member of a team and be a team player.

Learn how to understand the dynamics of a team, communicate with sensitivity and build trust and much more…

kickstart communications

Communication Skills

Understand how to read a situation and make yourself understood with ease.

This includes models of communication, reading people, speaking their language, getting results and much more…

hr- growth action plan

Mindset & Adversity

How to master you mindset, overcome negativity and build confidence.

Learn how to create positivity in your life, deal with adversity, negotiate, manage difficult situations and much more…


How To Start A Business

A step by step approach to easily creating a viable business quickly.

Find a business idea, conduct market research, attract customers, start selling and much more…

Your Kickstart Options

Choose your preferred option and get instant access

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Your Common Questions Answered

How does it work?

It is very simple. All you have to do is choose which package you want for your Kickstarter (If you have a few kickstarters then automatically get a discount for buying multiple licences (minimum 3).

Once your payment is complete you will get instant access to your personalised Kickstart training platform. (It’s really easy to use).

All you have to do is invite to your Kickstarter and they will recieve their own login details and can start immediately.

They start with a health check so they can understand their strengths and career weaknesses. They can download, modify and keep this career health check.

Those on the Gold and Deluxe package, will meet with their career coach to develop a 6 month career plan to work though.

Those on the Deluxe will then continue to work with their career coach and will have access to CV reviews and a mock interview sessions. Students can decide what they want to use their sessions for.

There is no time limit to assigning your licences. Your kickstarter has access to their modules and health checks 24/7.

You can easily see your Kickstater’s progress and can download reports at a click of a button for your own use.

Can I get a more bespoke programme?

Yes it is possible for us to put together a bespoke plan for you. To discuss your needs please get in touch and one of our consultants will chat through your needs with you. 

How good are the Kickstart modules?

They have been designed specifically with Kickstarters in mind. The content has been developed by our in-house career and leadership coach who has 25 + years experience in international career coaching.

The modules are easy to use videos that are backed up with plenty of cheatsheets, scripts and templates that your Kickstarter can use to get real world results.

They can also take additional notes and save them (and download them) to any device in word format.

We also have live chat support available online for anything you or your Kickstarter needs.

How do I access my manager dashboard?

Once you complete your purchase you will be emailed with your login details. (You might need to check your spam folder).

Once logged in you will be taken to your dashboard. We have a welcome video for you to watch (it’s short).

It shows you exactly how to use the platform and get the most out of it. Your management training area is private to you and is available 24/7 from any device.

If you get stuck there is tech support on hand to help you via our live chat.

Is there any certification with these Kickstart programmes?

Once your Kickstarter has completed their programme and that completion has been verified, they will recieve a completion certificate.

What are the bulk discounts available?

The discounts apply when you purchase 3 or more. See below for more.

3-9 licences – 8%

10-19 licences – 15%

20 – 49 licences – 20%

50+  licences – 30%

Need something else? Get in touch now

Do you give any guarantees?

Yes we do. We have a no questions asked 14 day money back guarantee. If you are not satisfied with your purchase within those 14 days then we will refund your money 100%, no questions asked.

How do I take action?

It’s simple. Choose the programme you want, click the buy now and it will take you to the checkout page.

There you can choose how many licences you want and choose your package.

Once your purchase is complete your login details will be emailed to you. That’s it. Easy!

Is this for any size business?

Yes it is. It doesn’t matter if you are just buying one programme or hundreds. We will give you the same time and attention and will ensure you get the level of service you deserve.

What if I'm not good with tech?

Don’t worry we built this with technophobes in mind.

The great news is that everything is intuitive and easy to use. Anyone can do it. As long as you can read you have everything that you need to manage your Kickstarters.

Have you really helped over 30,000 job seekers?

Yes, over thirty thousand to date. People from all aspects of life and from all industries and at all levels. 

I work for a local council, government or a corporate. Can we integrate these modules into our own offering?

Yes you can. The best way to get the ball rolling is to contact us directly and we can put you in touch with the relevant consultants who can discuss your needs. Just contact us here

or call us on 0207 193 9207

Wait, I can get £1,500 per hire under the kickstart scheme? How do I apply?

Yes you can. The UK Government has created this fantastic scheme, giving employers like you the opportunity to get paid to hire new staff.

They pay your employee’s salary for 6 months for up to 25 hours a week. You also get £1,500 training budget too. How great is that!

If you are a big business (30+ paticpants)  you can apply directly. By clicking here

If you are a smaller business and just want from 1 – 29 people then you can apply through a gateway. Local business chambers are generally providing this. You can find our more by clicking here


What if I have other questions?

Then get in touch with us. We have Live chat support available on the bottom right (during 9 – 5 BST) .

You can also email us HERE 

You can even call us on +44 (0)207 193 9207

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