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With 15 months of the COVID-19 pandemic as businesses reopen fully many CEO’s, business owners and executives have difficult decisions to make about how their teams can be together and what that future looks like.

The pandemic has given us the opportunity to pause, reflect and reset our business to embrace opportunities and make it work for all. Some business leaders are stipulating a return to the office for staff to share a physical space, others are looking at a hybrid model where they have some in office work and work from home and some are looking at mandating staff to have the vaccine before they return to the physical office to share space.

It’s a very interesting time and difficult to get it right for all. In today’s world it’s important to lead not by having power over but by having power with. Being considered, reflective and have the ability to ask the hard questions. How open are businesses to using a participatory model by asking employees what they want? As a business what do you do next? What have you learned from the pandemic that you want to take with you and what do you want to leave behind? What does the future look like where each employee can bring their best work?

Where should the choice be?
Can you decide collectively on how you want to be together and what the future will look like and agree parameters in which all feel safe to move forward in?

With most people working from home for 15 months and not being able to physically share space with co-workers, clients, friends, family and loved ones how easy will it be to reintegrate in to a physical space with volumes of people? What are the norms to meet and greet today; a handshake, an elbow bump or leaning away which we have all done for so long. How can we ensure employees feel safe?

It’s time for thoughtful leadership to provide clarity and comfort for all. Your people have the answers to the way forward. Make an intentional decision and give people the handrails to move forward with purpose, don’t ask your people to cross dangerous territory without the adequate support. You want them to get across the bridge safely and bring their best selves. Power with and not power over is the best recipe. It’s important to have clear communication, expectations and create a social contract that people want to be part of.

I would love to hear your thoughts on:

  1. What CEO’s, business owners and executives can do to bring their teams back together safely and,
  2. Your thoughts on employers mandating employees to have the COVID-19 vaccine.

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