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You all know, as do we, that digital is turning out to be a bit of a dirty word for business owners. We all know we should get digital. We all understand what getting digital means (well kinda) and it all sounds too difficult, too technical and just too expensive. “Who has time for all this digital stuff??!! I hear you say. “I have a business to run.”

So why should you go digital and what would that mean for your business and for your bottom line? Good question. Here’s four simple reasons.

Let’s start with time.

Time for a small business owner is your most valuable and your most scarce of all resources. You have to do everything in your business. Lead generation, marketing, sales, operations, logistics, finance, staff management, client management, product development and the list goes on. That’s a lot to juggle in your day. We agree. It’s hard.

This is where going digital is really going to help you. Simply put, it gives you precious time back over the long term. By using the right digital strategy and putting in the right digital tools you can free up so much time for other things. By ensuring that you are no longer doing menial and repetitive tasks you can work on important things like client relationship management, product development, or, if you prefer, spending more time with your family and enjoying life.

Let’s think about your resources

Extra resources are something that people don’t realise are possible until they have gone digital. Simply put, you have new things working for you, therefore more resources at your fingertips. You have bots sending you traffic, you have a website that is converting leads and doing the job of a salesperson. You have a marketing machine that is cultivating new leads and guiding them towards a sale. You have software sending out invoices and taking payments, You have apps dealing with customer service queries and much more. All of this means that you no longer have to spend time and energy doing repetitive and boring tasks.

These resources work for you 24/7 and cost you about 2% of what staff will cost you. That’s right; You don’t have to hire staff or pay recruitment fees. You don’t have to pay salaries, hold team meetings, or do monthly performance management. Your bots, software and digital tools graft away in the background without complaint and you can get on with running your business.

Let’s think big.

One of the biggest advantages of going digital is that you can now compete successfully against far larger companies. You can move quicker and can create bespoke services and offers on the fly. You can look amazing on-line which looks, to the outsider, like you have a super-charged team of customer services staff who know exactly what the client wants. That level of personal service is very appealing to a potential customer and often something that big businesses cannot offer. Lastly, you can undercut all those other businesses who have those expensive overheads. As you are small and agile you can simply do more with less. That’s a massive advantage.

Let’s think about your future.

When I say future I mean the outlook for the business landscape and the outlook of your business. Covid-19 has sent a shockwave though the economy, many feeling its effects personally. We all know that. One the other side of the coin, t has also acted as a catalyst for many entrepreneurs. People have been forced to get online and implement a digital presence. This digital trend was happening anyway, we have just all been catapulted forward by five years or so.

What this means is your competition is also going digital. If you don’t act, soon they will have the edge over you. Furthermore, digital access is now the baseline that customers expect. We have all got used to this digital level of service and speed, (thank you Amazon). So, if you cannot compete with this, then you will be unfortunately left behind and your business will ultimately suffer. It happened to Kodak, Blockbuster, Blackberry, Yahoo, Polaroid and many many others. Being big does not future proof your business. Being agile and implementing technology, while providing your services the way your customer expects does.

The good news is, it’s actually quite easy. Technology companies have been working hard over the last few years to take the technobabble and complexity out of their products. This means all you have to do is click a few buttons and you are good to go. You do not need to understand the inner workings of websites, nor do you need to know what PHP or Java scripts are. You can still drive the bus like you are in a Formula 1 car and streak ahead of your competitors.

There are of course some simple rules that you need to follow to get this digital stuff right. Technology on its own is not the answer, how you use it is. There are simple and easy to implement strategies that any business or solopreneur can use within their business and budget. We would say as few as six simple steps, anyone can use to master digital and dramatically increase the businesses bottom line.

Even better news is that this digital strategy starts long before you start talking about technology. All you have to do is understand your customer, understand their wants and needs, understand where they get their information from and then organise your digital presence to serve those needs. Then once you have that you can use simple tools to create that digital infrastructure. Yes it takes some time to set up, once its done though, you can really springboard forward and bring in consistency of sales and peace of mind into your business. Isn’t that what you want after all?

We realise that there is a lot of confusion surrounding digital. The market is also flooded with digital experts telling you what to do. They want you to buy their service that therefore bamboozle you with their expertise. They all have a lot to offer, though this is why people are so reluctant about implementing digital. Some experts and services make is sound too complicated and often describe it with acronyms and tech talk, which no one understands.

That’s why we are going to make this super easy for you to implement yourself. We are going to give you that 6 step digital strategy and we are going to show you exactly what to do to set up each step with ease. Thanks to Richmond Borough Council we will be launching a Digital Series in July 2021 that is designed specifically for small business owners, start-ups and solopreneurs. This is an online course that we have developed having worked with thousands of business owners, just like you, to create a digital presence with ease. We have 50 spaces available on this digital programme and, in it, we will give you everything you need (including the best and easiest tools) to get the job done.

Watch this space it’s coming soon!