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Introducing A Brand New Series Of Business Support For Hounslow

This programme has been built for ambitious businesses that want to fast track their growth and generate a large income stream. Commissioned by Hounslow Council and powered by CPG Executive Consulting Ltd and Smarter Society.

This is an indepth mentoring programme where you will get a series of one2one sessions to ensure you stay on track and reach your business goals. It covers advanced skills across sales, marketing, operations, finance, staffing, leadership and strategy. If you want to smash 2023 then this programme is for you.


Typically to work with highly qualified consultants for this level of time would cost you thousands. This is an opportunity to get that support and guidance for FREE.


What Do I Get?

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You get 3 two hour mentoring sessions that you can use:

  • As sounding board to solve any bottlenecks

  • To erradicate any business challenge you are facing

  • To get the tools and guidance you need to drive sales

  • To help you action the critical drivers that will accelerate your success

Increase your skills, knowledge and confidence. Continue to grow you and your business. 

Open To Hounslow Businesses

As long as you are an existing business inside of Hounslow borough you can apply. Spaces are limited and not everyone will be accepted on the programme. You tell us why you need help and how this will benefit your business and our panel will give the slots to the most deserving applications.

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Why You Should Sign Up

This programme is designed to ensure your business gets the real advice and support you need to build strong growth, re-imagine your business and successfully grow regardless of the current economic environment.



What is this programme?

This is a 3 month personalised one2one mentoring business support programme sponsored by Hounslow Council, rolled out by CPG Executive Consulting Ltd and Smarter Society.


How is it different to the Innovate & Grow 4.0 currently running?

This is an add on service as part of that programme. You can still be an active member of the other programmes. Those provide mostly workshops and webinars and some 121’s, but not like this.

Here you get multiple one2ones so that you get help not just with  solving your business challenges, but you get a sounding board and coach that will keep you on track and ensure that you action and achive the steps you need to take to strengthen your business.


Who can apply?

This programme is open to all businesses living and working in Hounslow council area.

You must act quickly though as these programmes will only run for 3 months.

When is the programme happening?

The programme starts in February 2023 and runs until the end of April 2023

Places are limited so you must apply now.

I already have a MyGrowthPod (TM) account, what's different?

While you still have an account and your health checks and growth plans are still available to you, it does not give you access to this programme. You will need to sign up again.

You can use your existing account, just log in at the sign up page and the system will remember you. You can then add the new programmes you wish to avail of to your account.

Can I still join if the programme has already started?

Yes, assuming there are any spaces left. The best advice is to apply immediately and if you are lucky, you’ll be chosen.

What does it cost?

If you were to pay for this yourself it would cost you thousands (It’s not just the sessions. You consultant will have to do additional work around your sessions to properly advise and help you).

As this is commissioned by Hounslow Council and if you are accepted, it is FREE TO YOU. It’s an amazing opportunity; and one that does not come around often.

How do I apply?

All you have to do is click the apply now button on this page and then complete the sign-up form.

What happens when I apply?

Once you apply your application will go to our panel. There, you will be manually reviewed and you will be informed of the next steps by email within 7 business days.

What if I don't have an existing business?

This programme is for existing businesses in Hounslow. Therefore, if you do not have a business, this particular programme is not for you. Please note that we currently have other programmes running in Hounslow that might suit you. Please go to for more.

Programme Sponsors

This programme is proudly sponsored by Hounslow Council. The programme is powered by CPG Executive Consulting and Smarter Society

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