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Getting Started In Your Business

Business Course - Start a business
Business Course -  Business structures
Business course -  creative planning
Business course -  Kick start Business recovery

Sales & Marketing

Business Course-Marketing strategies
Convert offering - Business course
Business course - getting your website right
Attract Clients -  Business Webinar
Generate sales on Linedin -  Business webinar
Digital marketing -  Business webinar
Facebook explained -  Business webinar
Blogging for sales - business webinar
Sales Presentatin -  Business webinar
Create video on smartphone - Business webinar
create photos that sell - business webinar
Build a webiste on wordpress - business webinar
advanced SEO -  Business webinar
PR made Easy -  Business Webinar
Social Responsibility - business webinar

Food Business Webinars

Foos business start up -  Business webinar
street food set up - business webinar
Trailing your food product -  Business webinar
GEt food packaging right - business webinar
Food satefy - Business webinar
Getting into a large retailer -  business webinar
Restaurant menu design -  Business webinar
Shop layout -  business webinar
Maximising restaurant sales
Scaling food manufacturing -  business webinar
Importing and Exporting -  Business webinar
Salsa accreditation

Finance And Operations Webinars

Business cashflow and funding webinar
Pitch deck for funding webinar
Foreign Exchange explained business webinar
R&D Tax credits webinar
Project management -  Business webinar
Managing Conflict - business webinar
Business success -  Business webinar
covid 19 support - business webinar

Staffing & Leadership Modules

hire staff -  business webinar
thrive crisis - business webinar
growth mindset -  business webinar
staff recruitment - business webinar

Ask The Experts

Have a quick question that you need an answer for? Ask one of our experts. We are online during business hours and will do our best to get an answer to you quickly. All you have to do is ask!

Helen Roberts

Helen Roberts - My Growth Pod

A millionaire by 26 having started her own successful recruitment business Helen has gone on to build several multi-million pound ventures. With over 20 years experience across strategy, sales, marketing, finance and HR across all industries.

Ray Lavery

Ray Lavery

Ray started a business at 16 and now has over 25 years experience in senior leadership and director positions. Ray has also started and grown several businesses to multiple 6 and 7 figure heights. Expert in technology, strategy, operations, sales, finance and marketing across all industries.

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Our business is to help people get the business results they want. Whether that is through their own business or through a new career. This is our full time job and we love it!

We are passionate about ensuring people, like you, implement key strategies to accelerate your growth. We genuinely care about you and we will go the extra mile every time. We are with you every step of the way. We leave no stone unturned.

Together, we’ll unlock your growth potential and give you the clarity you need to solve your challenges. Get the results you want in life through our business support, events, tools and personalised sessions. We have everything you need.

We’ll make your job easier and more fun. You’ll find the answers to your business challenges and we’ll help you steer your business and yourself to growth and success.

My Growth Pod is owned and run by CPG Executive Consulting Ltd.

We have been growing startup, micros and SME’s for over 15 years. We are passionate about growing businesses and getting results fast. Become skilled, become confident and earn the income you deserve.

We have been running career development programmes for over 25 years. We know how to get to the heart of the matter and have the tools and expertise to help you discover your true passions and implement life changing career choices, ensuring your happiness. To date we have helped over 30,000 people develop their career.

We’ve been designed and running business support programmes for local government, coporates, accelerators and privately for over 15 years. To date we have helped over 15,000 people start and grow their own business.


“This has been nothing but short of amazing in helping me start and grow my business. Their advice, guidance and wealth of knowledge has been incredibly valuable in giving me direction and understanding how I can scale. I’m so grateful to have been on the programme.”