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Welcome To Richmond Council’s


Enterprise Programme

Reinvent, Repurpose, Rebuild

This is a brand new programme of business support for Richmond Upon Thames Borough. Powered by Richmond Council. It has been designed to help small businesses develop and grow in these challenging times.

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Richmond Creative

I am a prestart, start up or small business from the creative industry.

This includes:

  • TV, Film, Media, Radio, Animation, Music etc.

  • Software, Gaming, Advertising, Graphic Design, Publishing etc.

  • Crafts, Arts, performing arts, Fashion, Design etc.


Welcome Richmond

Hospitality business support

I am a prestart, start up or small business from Hospitality

This includes:

  • Hotels, Guest Houses etc.

  • Restaurants, Cafes, Bars etc.

  • Theatre, Cinema, galleries, tourist attractions etc.




Phoenix General Support

I am a prestart, startup or existing small business from all other industries

This includes:

  • All professional services

  • Manufacturing, Tangible products, Supply Chain & Food etc.

  • Health & Fitness

  • Engineering & Construction etc.

  • Technology, Computers, Energy.

  • Any other business not covered by the other two programmes.

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About The Organisers

This programme is sponsored by Richmond Council and run by CPG Executive Consulting Ltd.

At CPG, we help people startup and grow their own business. This is our full time job and we love it.

We have been running business support programmes for local government, coporates and accelerators for over 10 years. To date we have helped over 15,000 people start and grow their own business.

We are passionate about helping business owners like you implement key strategies to accelerate your growth.  We give you the tools you need to succeed. We genuinely care about you and we will go the extra mile every time.

Together we’ll unlock your growth potential and give you the clarity you need to solve your business challenges.

We’ll make your job easier and more fun, find the answers to your business challenges and help you steer your business to growth and success.


“This has been nothing but short of amazing in helping me start and grow my business. Their advice, guidance and wealth of knowledge has been incredibly valuable in giving me direction and understanding how I can scale. I’m so grateful to have been on the programme.”