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Welcome To Richmond Council’s


Enterprise Programme

Reinvent, Repurpose, Rebuild


This is a series of 6 FREE business support programmes for Richmond Upon Thames, sponsored by Richmond Council and run by CPG Executive Consulting Ltd. The purpose is to help businesses in Richmond develop and grow in these challenging times.

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What Is It

support available

Specialist Richmond Support 

Inclusive Accelerator Programmes Designed To Help You Grow 

Choose which programme is most suited to you and sign up. It couldn’t be easier.

What Do I Get?

support tools

In-Depth Tools & Advice

A blended approach of eLearning & live support allowing your business to scale

Increase your skills, knowledge and confidence. Continue to grow you and your business. 

Who Is Eligible?

Hounslow Community

All in Richmond

We have something for everyone. Covering all industries & business sizes. We are open to all who have an business, or are residents of Richmond Upon Thames. It’s all FREE.


Why You Should Sign Up

These FREE Richmond programmes are designed to ensure your business gets the support you need to kickstart your business recovery, re-imagine your business and successfully grow from the after effects COVID-19.

 Select Your Programme To Sign Up

PLEASE NOTE: Each programme requires a separate sign-up

Richmond Creative

Providing A Community & Support For Creative Businesses Large & Small 

The Programme Includes:

  • Business workshops

  • Monthly networking

  • 121 mentoring sessions

  • Inclusion in our online creative hub

  • Access to our online business learning portal

  • Business Health Checks

  • Growth Action Plans

  • Access to specialist Experts & Consultants

Welcome Richmond

Hospitality business support

3 Month Intensive Business Accelerators Designed For Hospitality 

The Programme Includes:

  • A 3 month Intensive Business Accelerator designed for Hospitality

  • 3 three hour workshops

  • 3 interactive implementation sessions

  • 121 mentoring sessions

  • Inclusion in our online creative hub

  • Access to our online business learning portal

  • Business Health Checks

  • Growth Action Plans

  • Access to specialist Experts & Consultants

Phoenix Startup & Micro

A Programme of Business Support Suitable For Smaller Businesses

The Programme Includes:

  • Monthly business workshops

  • Monthly networking

  • 121 private mentoring sessions

  • Access to our online business learning portal

  • Business Health Checks

  • Growth Action Plans

  • Access to specialist Experts & Consultants

  • Access to a local Richmond community 

This Programme Is For You If:

You are aprestart, start up or small business from the creative industry.

This includes:

  • TV, Film, Media, Radio, Animation, Music etc.

  • Software, Gaming, Advertising, Graphic Design, Publishing etc.

  • Crafts, Arts, performing arts, Fashion, Design etc.


Running from January – December 2021

This Programme Is For You If:

You are a prestart, start up or small business from Hospitality who wants to grow

This includes:

  • Cafe, bar, restaurants, food

  • Leisure & health professionals

  • Hotels, guest houses etc

  • Theatre, cinema etc

Running from July – September & September – December 2021

Spaced Limited – Application required

This  Programme Is For You If:

If you a prestart, startup or existing business that needs helps to grow

This includes:

  • All professional services

  • Manufacturing, tangible products, supply chain & Food etc.

  • Health & fitness

  • Engineering & construction etc.

  • Technology, computers, energy.

  • Any other business who wants to join

Running from January – December 2021

Digital Richmond

Digital Richmond

The Complete A-Z of Selling Anything Online No Matter Your Industry 

Join us for 8 workshops covering:

  • Designing Offers That Build Sales

  • Creating Content That Drives Leads

  • Driving Sales Through Amazon & Etsy

  • Online Retail Trading Platforms 

  • Building A Website That Drives Leads

  • Generating Free Web Traffic Through SEO

  • Developing Your Social Media 

  • Developing Joint Ventures To Drive Sales

 Running from September – December 2021

Open to all businesses and residents living In Richmond

Start Up Accelerator

Start up Richmond

A 3 Month Intensive Start Up Accelerator For People Aged 40+

The Programme Includes:

  • Access to the world’s best online A-Z How To Start A Business  programme

  • Bi-monthly live workshops covering, business idea generation, market research, business structures, finance and funding, lead generation, branding, marketing, sales, staffing and much more.

  • 6  interactive implementation sessions

  • Access to MyGrowthPod platform

Running from September – December 2021

Ideal participants aged 40+ and living in Richmond

Spaced Limited – Application required

Scale Up Accelerator

scaleup Richmond

A 3 Month Intensive Scale Up Accelerator For Businesses wanting a 6 or 7 figure income

The Programme Includes:

  • Bi-monthly live workshops covering, strategy, planning, product development, IP, leadership, recruitment & staffing, funding & finance, sales, marketing, import & export and much more.

  • 6  interactive implementation sessions

  • Access to MyGowthPod business learning portal

  • Access to expert consultants

Running from September – December 2021

For existing businesses wanting to create a 6 or 7 figure income 

Spaced Limited – Application required

Upcoming Events

There are no upcoming Events at this time.
There are no upcoming Events at this time.


What is this Phoenix Enterprise Challenge programme?

This is business support programme that has 6 individual programmes running inside of it. These programmes are sponsored by Richmond Council and run by CPG Executive Consulting Ltd.

There are programmes for:

  • Micros and SME’s
  • Creative businesses
  • Hospitality businesses
  • Digital marketing & trading online
  • People who want to start a business
  • Ambitious people who want to scale an existing business.

All you have to do is pick the programme that suits you best.

Who can apply?

This programme is open to all residents and businesses living and working in Richmond Upon Thames.

You must act quickly though as these programmes will only run until December 2021.

When is the programme happening?

The micro & SME, Creative And Welcome programmes started in January 2021 and runs until the end of June 2021.

Digital Richmond, the Start Up Accelerator and the Scale Up Accelerator start in September 2021 and run until December 2021.

Places are limited so you must apply now.

What is the MyGrowthPod platform?

This is one of the most comprehensive business support programmes available. By being a member of the council programme you get full access.

It includes:

  • A series of health checks that you can complete on your business
  • An automatic Growth Action plan giving you step by step strategies to remove your business challenges.
  • An extensive eLibrary coving every subject on growing your business.
  • Access to previously recorded sessionf from the programme.
  • Access to experts and consultants.
  • Access to upcoming events
  • Access to 121 private mentoring sessions with qualified consultants. 

And so much more.


Can I still join if the programme has already started?

Yes, you can join all the way up to the end of December. While, most of these programmes are ongoing, we recording the majority of events/webinars so you can always catch up on the platform later.

Is this programme free?

This is a free programme to those who are accepted onto each programme. Essentially, Richmond Council will be paying on your behalf.

How do I apply?

All you have to do is click the apply now button on this page for the programme you want to join and then complete the sign-up form.

Some of the programmes are only open to small numbers and in some cases you must come from a certain industry or demographic. Please see each programme for details of any limitations.

What happens when I apply?

Depending on the programme you might be accepted immediately (as long as you are living in Richmond). That being the case you will be notified by email of your successful sign up.

If your programme includes MyGrowthPod platform access you will also receive an email with your username and password for this resource.

If you are part of a limited space programme your application will be manually reviewed by our team and you will be informed of the next steps by email within 7 business days.

What if I don't have an existing business?

It is not necessary to have an existing business in Richmond (except for the scale up programme) however you will need to be a resident of Richmond to receive the support.

What People Are Saying

About The Organisers

This programme is sponsored by Richmond Council and run by CPG Executive Consulting Ltd.

At CPG, we help people startup and grow their own business. This is our full time job and we love it.

We have been running business support programmes for local government, coporates and accelerators for over 10 years. To date we have helped over 15,000 people start and grow their own business.

We are passionate about helping business owners like you implement key strategies to accelerate your growth.  We give you the tools you need to succeed. We genuinely care about you and we will go the extra mile every time.

Together we’ll unlock your growth potential and give you the clarity you need to solve your business challenges.

We’ll make your job easier and more fun, find the answers to your business challenges and help you steer your business to growth and success.


“This has been nothing but short of amazing in helping me start and grow my business. Their advice, guidance and wealth of knowledge has been incredibly valuable in giving me direction and understanding how I can scale. I’m so grateful to have been on the programme.”