Pricing break 5 mil


Straight forward pricing for you and your team.

Everything you need to Break 5 million in turnover

You Get:

5 Private Strategy Sessions | +

At the earlier stage, as you are solidifying your business, you need a little extra attention. Therefore give you 4 sessions that you can use across the year, usually one every two months.

Your first session is a business diagnostic with your consultant. You gain complete clarity on where you want to take your business. You’ll understand your current situation, and what is going well and uncover any challenges preventing growth.

Critical to your success is to have regular strategy sessions with your dedicated consultant who will help you map out solutions and action plans to move your business forward. We concentrate on building a strategy that will deliver consistent leads, and sales and will put in the infrastructure that ensures you can run your business seamlessly.

To buy these individually you would spend £395 per session. (Total £1,975 + tax)

12 Master Mind Sessions | +

Each month you work with a lead consultant and other members of the Break 250. Here we discuss a topic, critical to your success and then you will work with other entrepreneurs to implement growth tools into your business.

At this stage, we concentrate on strategy, lead generation, sales, marketing, digital skills, technology, automation, operations, and finance & funding.

You also will get monthly Peer to Peer sessions. Surround yourself with like-minded ambitious go-gettering entrepreneurs. Access your Peer to Peer 250k Pod on an ongoing basis to enjoy better conversations, improved thinking and enjoy the journey together. Create camaraderie and fast-track your growth.

To partake in this monthly, you would spend £349 per month. (Total £4,188)

2 Business Accelerators | +

Step-by-step CPD-accredited, on-demand skills programmes allow you to implement the strategy and tools you need to reach your goals.

At this stage, we provide access to:

The Fast Track Accelerator – A 14-module in-depth (3-month) programme covering all foundation steps that every young business needs to master.  Link to the page.

To buy this programme on its own is £1,495

The Digital Skills Accelerator. This is a detailed 18-module (4-month) programme that covers all aspects of digital marketing. Link to the page.

To buy this programme on its own is £1,495

Total spend (£2,990)

5 MyGrowthPod Growth Plans | +

These are in-depth plans which are bespoke for your business, created from your health check assessments. They give you the step-by-step action you need to take to fast-track your business.

We cover Strategy, Sales and Marketing, HR & staffing, Operations, and finance. We also have plans for Retail and hospitality, food, and smaller micro businesses.

Just watch, learn, and take action.

These are complementary tools to use alongside your strategy sessions and business labs.

To access these on their own costs £195 a month. (Total: £2,340)

Trusted Expert Access across all areas | +

Work directly with exceptional subject matter business experts across strategy, finance, operations, HR, marketing, sales, funding, import/export & technology. They will unpick and solve any specific challenge you are facing.

While each expert will meet with you for a session as part of this program, if specific work needs to be done on your business they will charge you separately.

We provide proven experts that have shown exemplary work with previous clients.

It is not possible to estimate your investment here. But access to the right experts can be priceless.

24/7 Members Platform Network | +

Grow your business exponentially by reaching out to your Pod members when you need them. Connect, message, and collaborate.

Find new markets, innovate your product/service, obtain market insights, find funding, establish proof of concept, boost your thinking and so much more…

This is an opportunity to build your network, learn, build partnerships, and sell to your target audience.

To access this on its own you would spend £149 a month (Total: £1,788)


Your Investment Choice

 This is an annual membership.

It takes time to take action and see the results.



Min commitment:

12 months




Discount Applied 18%

Normal cost £17,940




*4 Staff Members included

Access to Platform