Programme-Choice - My Growth Pod

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Whichever is the closest fit

The Welcome Programme

I am a prestart, start up or small business from Hospitality

This includes:

  • Hotels, Guest Houses etc.

  • Restaurants, Cafes, Bars etc.

  • Theatre, Cinema, galleries, tourist attractions etc.




Creative Richmond

I am a prestart, start up or small business from the creative industry

This includes:

  • TV, Film, Media, Radio, Animation, Music etc.

  • Software, Gaming, Advertising, Graphic Design, Publishing etc.

  • Crafts, Arts, performing arts, Fasion, Design etc.


The Spark Programme

I am a prestart, startup or existing small business from all other industries

This includes:

  • All professional services

  • Manufacturing, Tangible products, Supply Chain & Food etc.

  • Health & Fitness

  • Engineering & Construction etc.

  • Technology, Computers, Energy.

  • Any other business not covered by the other two programmes.

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