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October 2021 – October 2022

Introducing Redbridge Council’s

Review And Recover Business Support Programme

Revive, innovate and grow your business

This is a FREE and inclusive programme of support aimed at all businesses in the Borough Of Redbridge. It is designed to support you while your business grows. Running until October 2022 you get access to the most up-to-date tools, business models and training to ensure you grow your business with confidence. 

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Increase your revenue & profitability

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Create financial freedom

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Build sustainable consistent business results

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Get to grips with sales and lead generation

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Create a better work life balance

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Strengthen your business


What Is It?

Redbridge signup support

Specialist Redbridge Support 

This is a FREE inclusive Business Accelerator programme specifically for existing businesses, big and small across all industries.

Take advantage of the most comprehensive business support available. It couldn’t be easier.

What Do I Get?

Redbridge business support

In-Depth Tools & Advice

A blended approach of eLearning & live support allowing your business to scale, dealing with the topics you need to successfully grow.

Increase your skills, knowledge and confidence. Continue to grow  your business. 

Who Is Eligible?

redbridge diversity

Redbridge residents & businesses 

For existing businesses, this programme will ensure you get the support you need for your business regardless of it’s size and age. There’s something for everyone.

Covering all industries & business sizes. We are open to all regardless of your circumstances and it’s all FREE.

Designed For Business Owners

This FREE programme has been designed with existing businesses in mind. You can be either an active business that has continued throughout the last year; Or, perhaps you have a business that needed to pause during the pandemic and now you want to re-open.  This programme is open to all industries and business sizes. We will cover all business topics and have hundreds of business tools to help you on your business growth journey.

This programme is for business owners who want to fast track the growth and success of their business. This programme is backed up by a comprehensive platform available to you 24/7 and accessible on any smart device.

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Private members area with everything in one place.

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Complete Business Health Checks to understand your business's current position.

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Access a personalised Growth Action Plan showing you exactly what to do to grow.

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Access to an extensive eLibrary of webinars and workshops designed for businesses growth.

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See all upcoming live workshops, webinars and events and book online.

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Book a One2One Strategy growth session with our expert consultants.

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Access to a local business community forum.

Redbridge professional support

3 Easy Steps To Follow

Step 1

Tell Us A Little About You

Redbridge Sign up

Joining will take you less than a minute. All you need to do is fill in a simple form telling us a bit about you and then your login details will be emailed to you.

Step 2

Login To Your Members Area

Redbridge elearning

Gain instant access to a library of webinars and workshops, complete a Health Check and get an automatic Growth Action Plan for your business.

Step 3

Sign Up For The Live Events

Redbridge live Events

Every month we will hold live events with our expert consultants covering a wide selection of topics, all designed to give you the most up-to-date skills. 

Sample Areas We Will Cover Include:

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Business landscape & research

Growth Action Plan-green tick

Lead generation & sales

Growth Action Plan-green tick

Finance & funding

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Content creation & PR

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Strategy & planning

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Websites & eCommerce

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Social media & marketing

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Operations & technology

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Retail management

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Staffing & recruitment

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Import & export

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Customer services & upselling


Upcoming Events

Please check back regulary. We release new events monthly

There are no upcoming Events at this time.


What is this programme?

This is a 12 month business support programme for existing businesses in Redbridge, funded by Redbridge Council.

This is a diverse programme that support all business types and all industries. We have a blended learning approach with an online business support platform and also a series of live webinars, workshops and events.

All you have to do is sign up to get started.

When is the programme happening?

The programme starts in October 2021 and runs until the end of October 2022.

Places are limited so you must apply now.

Who can apply?

This programme is open to all residents and businesses living and working in Redbridge council area. Your business must be an existing business, even if you had to temporarily shut due to Covid.

What is available on the online platform?

The platform is your virtual consultant and your members area. Here you can access everything available on the programme.

  • You can see upcoming events and sign up for them.
  • You can acces our library of webinars and workshops.
  • You can access a local forum.
  • You can complete your business health checks.
  • You get access to your Growth Plans. 
  • You can sign up for 121 personal mentoring and strategy sessions with our consultants. 
  • And so much more….

What is the Health Check and Growth Action Plan?

The Health Check is an online tool available on our platform in your members area. Here, you answer a series of simple questions on your business, to identify the challenges and areas for growth. Then, based on your answers a Growth Action Plan will be automatically created for you.

Your Growth Action plan is a set of simple steps that you can take in your business to resolve any particular challenge or to help you bild a stronger foundation in your business.

You will be given access to training, webinars, videos, cheat sheets, scripts and templates so that you can implement new strateiges into your business to help you grow.

All you hve to do is follow your action plan.

What is available in the eLibrary?

oThe eLibrary holds a diverse range of webinars and workshops designed specifically to help SME businesses grow.  

We cover start up, sales, marketing, finance, funding, HR, mindset, Operations, technology, import/export, fodd, retail and so much more. 

We add to this library regularly and ensure that it is kept up to date with the most modern business models and strategies available. 

Can I still join if the programme has already started?

Yes, you can join all the way up to the end of October 2022. We are recording the majority of events/webinars so you can always catch up on the platform later.

What does it cost?

This is a free programme to those who are accepted onto each programme. Essentially, Redbridge Council will be paying on your behalf.

How do I apply?

All you have to do is click the Join now button on this page and then complete the sign-up form. It will only take you a  minute and then we will automatically email you your login details. (You might need to check your junk email. 


What happens when I apply?

Depending on the programme you might be accepted immediately (as long as you are living in Redbridge). That being the case you will be notified by email of your successful sign up. All you have to do then is follow the instructions in the email to get started.


Programme Sponsors

This programme is proudly sponsored by Redbridge Council. The programme is powered by CPG Executive Consulting Ltd (My Growth Pod)

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