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Reasons To Join The Programme

These FREE Richmond programmes are designed to ensure your business gets the support you need to re-imagine and grow your business. Build the success you’ve always dreamed of.

Running from May 2023 to October 2023 we have something for each and every resident and business within Richmond Upon Thames.

An extension to the original Phoenix Enterprise Programme, this series of business support is built to enhance your business skills and connect each of you across the Richmond Community.

We have something for everyone. Covering all industries & business sizes. We are open to all who have a business, or are residents of Richmond Upon Thames. It’s all FREE.

It is a blended approach of live support, eLearning and one to one mentorship allowing you to increase your skills, knowledge and confidence, making business growth simple.

Each programme has specialist elements, but everyone can access the MyGrowthPod platform and can attend the networking events. 



Each programme requires a new sign-up which will be added to your MyGrowthPod membership (if you have one already)

Business Resilience Programme

Open to 20 Richmond businesses of all sizes, this is a finance and innovation programme designed to deal with the impact of the cost of business crisis. Each business will gain 4 hours of in-depth finance consultancy advice where we will help you create a plan to overcome any current financial challenges so you can thrive within your business.

You can also access the pre-recorded webinars and accelerators on MyGrowthPod and attend the monthly networking.


Scale Up Mentoring Programme

Open to 8 existing Richmond businesses, you get 6 in-depth mentoring sessions. You will work with a dedicated consultant for 6 months, assisting you scale your business to new heights. You can also access the pre-recorded webinars and accelerators on MyGrowthPod and attend the monthly networking.

This Is For You If:

You are an existing Richmond Upon Thames business with a turnover of at least £50k and you want to scale your business and have not previously been on our scale up programmes.


Digital Growth Accelerator Programme

Open to 25 Richmond Businesses, you get an entire digital skills accelerator contained within six digital skills workshops over a 6 month period. It is designed to give you the practical skills you need to build and implement a powerful digital marketing strategy.

This Is For You If:

You are an existing Richmond Upon Thames business and have not partaken in any of our digital skills programmes previously.


Start Up Accelerator Programme

Open to 40 NEW or early-stage Richmond businesses, this is a full accelerator where we will take you through each of the critical steps to start up and fast-track a new business over 6 months. This is a live and in-person series of events where you work on your own business in the session. We will give you all the hacks, shortcuts, and skills you need to easily start your business.

You can also access the pre-recorded webinars and accelerators on MyGrowthPod and attend the monthly networking.


Join the Creative Richmond Platform

Open to all Creatives in Richmond; businesses, and residents.

Come and Join, Connect, and Grow your business and contacts.

We have a continually growing community on the platform with many making connections, and collaborating together, and being able to go after bigger projects.

Clients can also post work when they are seeking people to complete their projects.

Get networking on the platform today.


Upcoming Events

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Please click on the questions below to reveal the answers.

What is this Phoenix Enterprise Programme 3.0?

This is an extension of the original business support programme and also 2.0. Phoenix 3.0 has individual programmes running inside of it. These programmes are commissioned by Richmond Council and run by CPG Executive Consulting Ltd and MyGrowthPod®.

There are programmes for:

  • The Scale Up Programme
  • Digital Skills Accelerator
  • Start up Accelerator
  • Building Business Resilience Programme

All you have to do is pick the programme that suits you best. You can apply for as many as you like.

Who can apply?

This programme is open to all residents and businesses living and working in Richmond Upon Thames.

You must act quickly though as these programmes will only run until October 2023.

When is the programme happening?

The programme launches in May 2023 and runs until the end of October 2023. The majority of workshops are live, so will not be recorded. However you can access recorded versions of the programme on the platform. 

What is the MyGrowthPod platform?

This is a state of the art digital platform that compliments the live events on the programme. There is free access to accelerators training programmes, Busines health checks and growth plans and access to webinars recorded on the previous Phoenix 2.0 programme. By being a member of the council programme you get full access.

It includes:

  • A series of health checks that you can complete on your business
  • An automatic Growth Action plan giving you step by step strategies to remove your business challenges.
  • Access to previously recorded sessions from the programme.
  • Access to experts and consultants.
  • Access to upcoming events

Can I still join if the programme has already started?

Yes, you can join all the way up to the end of October 2023. While, most of these programmes are ongoing, you can catch up via the platform.

Is this programme free?

This is a free programme to those who are accepted onto each programme. Essentially, Richmond Council will be paying on your behalf.

How do I apply?

All you have to do is click the apply now button on this page for the programme you want to join and then complete the sign-up form.

Some of the programmes are only open to small numbers and in some cases you must come from a certain industry or demographic. Please see each programme for details of any limitations.

What happens when I apply?

Depending on the programme you might be accepted immediately (as long as you are living in Richmond Upon Thames). That being the case you will be notified by email of your successful sign up.

Your programme includes MyGrowthPod platform access and you will receive an email with your username and instructions to set up your password for this resource.

If you are part of a limited space programme your application will be manually reviewed by our team and you will be informed of the next steps by email within 7 business days.

What if I don't have an existing business?

It is not necessary to have an existing business in Richmond (except for the scale up programme) however you will need to be a resident of Richmond to receive the support.

How do I access the Creative Richmond platform?

That’s easy. Just navigate to and registered for free there.

You can be either a creative or a business/person interested in connecting and working with people in the creative sector.