Supporting our future with CPG - My Growth Pod

Vanessa Tran came to My Growth Pod when she began her first business. With an extensive background working in financial institutions for over 15 years, she had recently ventured into the world of start-up businesses by founding Forefront Future, an innovative platform for investment funds to channel investments into Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) activities.

Vanessa comments, “I was looking for courses to learn more about building my start-up business and I came across this programme. It’s rare to find instructors on courses like these with as much energy as Ray and Helen, which is why I wanted to work with them.”

Despite her extensive experience in financial institutions, the world of business was unfamiliar to Vanessa. Forefront Future works to tackle urgent issues that will affect us all, including the way we live, spend and invest. Their platform helps investment funds channel these investments into ESG activities and help screen ESG data for future investment decisions. Working in such a critical area necessitated the understanding of how to establish a robust and resilient business, which has been achieved through the support of the Richmond Start-Up Programme.

Vanessa continues, “The course felt like taking a Master in Business Administration crash course! It gave me a great understanding of all stages of setting up a business within a short time frame. I am sure I’m not the only one in the programme who feels significantly more comfortable with running a business afterwards.”

“For me, the most impressive thing about the training so far has been having the opportunity to interact with Ray and Helen. Their sheer amount of experiences makes the programme extremely captivating, and they have taught me to step back and consider every step of my business thoroughly.”

Like many who have undertaken the training, Vanessa reports that the best outcome from the Programme has been the confidence it has given her in running her start-up business, and has positioned her to take her business forward to combat some critical issues that will have a global impact.

“Each year, trillions of dollars is invested by investment funds globally, yet a fraction has ESG integrated. I want to change that and expedite the process, and our innovative platform required development alongside that in order to address these issues. I am so pleased I chose to work with Ray and Helen at CPG and receive their support through the Richmond Programme that was sponsored by Richmond Borough Council. I would encourage others who would like to know about running a start-up to join the programmes. They are absolutely worth it.